A Review on the Various Uses of Water Trucks and Why Truck Fit Out and Tank Quality Matters

24 August 2022

As we already discussed in our previous blog, some of the various uses of water trucks include suppression of dust, soil compaction, irrigation purposes, putting out fires and supplying potable water. Additionally, each truck has a different capacity for spraying and filling, depending on how you use them.

In the construction and mining industry, water tanks also play a vital role, and the quality of water tanks can make or break any operation. Whether you require a customised water truck or a stock water truck, you must consider several crucial quality factors before acquiring one.

Quality Tank Foundation

By choosing a quad-bent design for the tank’s foundation, you can be sure to have a sturdy, heavy-duty truck. Additionally, watch out for scalloped internal seams. This makes it more difficult for the seams to split, extending the tank’s lifetime and making it live longer than the chassis on which it rests. Before the tank is placed, the internal piping should be welded, and your manufacturer should test it to 120 psi before it leaves the facility.

Well-Protected Hose Reel

To ensure that your truck’s hose lasts longer, it should be well-protected. A strong frame set inside a well-protected hose reel is a sign of a high-quality water truck. Some trucks will also feature additional storage spaces for hoses, several spray nozzles, and accessories on the side of the tank or chassis.

Heavy-duty Liner

The liner must shield the tank from rust and damage for your truck to last longer. Liners must adhere to the suggested installation process. When purchasing a water truck, you should search for a tank with a smooth exterior and inside. A compliant liner is also required for your storage tank if you are transferring potable water.

Durable Pump and Valves System

When the pump has to move hundreds of gallons of water daily, it keeps the water supply running. It will cost a lot of money to have them replaced or serviced frequently if your truck’s pump and valve system is not robust and long-lasting. A powerful pump will also guarantee that the water you spray has the greatest possible spraying force.

Maintenance and Service Accessibility

The availability of maintenance and service is the final crucial factor to consider. How simple would it be for you to locate mechanics and parts for this truck? What is the typical cost of repairs and maintenance on this kind of truck? You can avoid potentially expensive breakdowns in the future by staying on top of your truck’s maintenance and service requirements.

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