Renting vs. Buying a Water Tanker: All the Things You Need to Consider

10 May 2021

Many industries are opting for water tankers due to their accompanying features and functionalities. Water tankers are trucks that are equipped with huge tanks, which allows them to travel wherever they are needed. The tanks, additionally, may come in different sizes, granting industries the ability to supply the required source of water or other liquid or gas elements to their respective applications. With these features alone, different industries can truly […]

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Guidelines in Delivering Potable Water with Water Tanks

30 April 2021

Water tanks have been very useful in carrying and transporting water and other liquid elements to various sites and locations. Some sectors that enjoy the capabilities of water tanks include agriculture, construction, fire control, and mining. One application of water tanks that make them great for several sectors is dust control. To ensure that site projects can be done safely and effectively, water tanks are deployed to tamp down dust. […]

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Ensure Your Water Pump Efficiency Through Quality Wet1™ Products

13 April 2021

One device that is often used in mining, construction, and agriculture applications is the water pump. A water pump system is designed to move and transfer water from one area to another. For the mining industry, the water pump is utilised in dewatering deep wells and waterworks. The construction industry, on the other hand, maximises water pumps to remove water during excavation. Ultimately, the agriculture industry uses water pumps to […]

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Proper Disinfection of Water Truck Components

26 March 2021

Water trucks are deemed to be useful in a lot of industries. For both mining and construction industries, water trucks are utilised in controlling dust, as well as providing a supply of water for their everyday needs. The agriculture industry, alternatively, uses water trucks for irrigation purposes. Water trucks are likewise maximised in providing potable water supply, putting out a fire, and compacting the soil. Given the applications associated with […]

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How to Choose the Right Water Pump for Your Water Truck?

12 March 2021

Water is vital to a lot of applications. It can help extinguish a huge fire in buildings and structures. It can likewise be used in controlling dust particles, compacting soil, and maintaining proper irrigation. To effectively provide water to these applications, industries use water trucks in collecting, transporting, and providing a huge volume of water to specific locations or storage elements. One part of the water trucks that can transfer […]

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