Ensure Proper Dust Control on Your Project Site with Water Carts

07 January 2022

To ensure that constructions projects can be done optimally, contractors would often deploy a lot of their employees just to conduct different activities. Once their site activities are done, they would expect great output that can satisfy their respective clients. But before projects can be done perfectly, most of the project sites would be filled first with dust and other airborne elements. Without conducting proper dust control, employees would certainly […]

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4 Tips to Ensure Safe Operation of Your Water Truck

16 December 2021

Water trucks are essential tools that can help construction, agricultural, mining, and other industries carry out their vital operations. Some operations that they often conduct include dust control, fire control, potable water delivery, and soil compaction. But before water trucks can deliver their intended purposes, they must be operated safely. Without ensuring the safe operation of water trucks, a wide array of safety hazards may occur while they are being […]

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Primary Features of WET 1 2000 Hydraulic Drive Water Pump

02 December 2021

Trucks are paired with engines that can sustain their operations for a long time. And to ensure that these engines will continuously operate optimally, truck owners should fit them with water pumps. Water pumps are components that can ensure the smooth operations of trucks. With these components, they can generally send huge amounts of coolant to various parts of the engine so that its temperature will remain at optimal levels. […]

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How Can Your Construction Project Take Advantage of Water Trucks?

18 November 2021

Contractors that are working on various construction projects would often carry out many integral activities. And most of the time, these activities would leave dirt, dust, and other elements that tend to accumulate on construction sites. Now, without cleaning the construction sites, contractors could face a lot of issues along the way. As more waste materials accumulate, they could generate trip hazards. They can likewise obstruct the pathways of the […]

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Prolong the Lifespan of Your Spray Unit through Regular Maintenance

04 November 2021

Water trucks have been maximised by various businesses and industries since they can easily transport and release a huge amount of water to the intended destinations. Some notable applications of water trucks include dust suppression, fire control, soil compaction, and potable water delivery. The known applications of water trucks can only be conducted optimally if they are equipped with compatible spray units. Spray units are comprised of components that can […]

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