4 Prominent Benefits of Custom-Built Pump System

29 June 2022

Businesses require different pumping systems. Different factors must also be considered depending on what the business needs. Some factors that should be considered are size, orientation, power source, and maintenance needs. These factors must also be considered when you opt for a custom-built for your pump system. Getting all these factors wrong could be another cause why your business is losing money on its operations. Combining all these factors properly […]

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The Benefits of Epoxy Lined Tanks on Road Trucks

10 June 2022

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tank to store your water supply, investing in the epoxy lining is the best choice for you. Epoxy-lined tanks offer a lot of benefits to road trucks. Tanks are typically designed and created to serve as water storage and with epoxy lining, the latter protects the surface of the tank and safeguards it from various elements that can potentially cause damage to its […]

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Major Factors to Consider When Investing in A Water Truck

26 May 2022

Any industrial and other operations involve water. For larger operations, a water carrier is very essential to transport water from one place to another. This is why water trucks are very useful in every industrial, construction, mining, and agricultural activity. Water trucks are a ready source of water for these essential industries. If you are considering buying a new water truck, here are the major factors to consider when investing […]

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Reasons Why Water Trucks are Essential in The Construction and Mining Industry

09 May 2022

Over the years, water has been widely used in a lot of large-scale and small-scale projects and activities. Industries like the construction and mining industries rely on water to carry out their activities. To make the water supply easier and hassle-free, construction and mining industries utilise water trucks to carry out the task without delay and in larger amounts. Construction activities and mining operations require bulk water deliveries to sustain […]

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The Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Water Carts

26 April 2022

Undergoing a construction project can be challenging if you do not have the proper equipment to supply the needed water for the entire construction process. This is when water carts come in. Some sites are not easily accessible and thus, would require an ideal type of water cart to access the site easily and without delay. There are two types of water carts or water transportation methods that you can […]

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