WACME Pty Ltd was established in 1999, and is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of WET1™ range of tanker water pumps, hose reels, spray equipment and water tankers. We also offer a wide range of water pumps, water tank trailers, and other water-related products for mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.

WACME Pty Ltd customises and manufactures a large range of road and off-road water carts for the construction and mining industries.  WET1 Water Carts or Water Tankers are highly useful for dust control, soil compaction, fire prevention, and as portable water transport for remote areas.

We specialise in custom building each WET1 water carts/ water tankers to suit all of our clients’ needs, including our guarantee that we follow ALL OH&S protocol.

WACME Pty Ltd also manufactures in Australia the WET1 2000 Water Cart, Pump Hydraulic Drive and Petrol Driver, WET1 Spray Units, Hose Reels and Spray Bars.

We do not compromise quality, reliability, and durability of all the products that we offer because we understand the harsh environment and weather conditions that our products will be exposed to. Our years in this business have given us an excellent reputation at what we do, and we can guarantee the highest standard of workmanship.