Know the Benefits of Custom Built Water Carts for Construction and Other Businesses

26 February 2021

The construction industry utilises water in a lot of ways. For one, all the workers on site consume water directly to avoid dehydration due to working for long hours. As for the construction sites, the water is used to wash aggregates, prepare raw concrete, cure concrete, remove or minimise dust, and clean surfaces and equipment. On average, millions of gallons of water are being used by construction sites every year. […]

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On-Road vs. Off-Road Water Cart Differences

15 February 2021

Water carts are deemed to be useful in a wide variety of applications. They can help in delivering potable water to certain areas or properties. They can likewise assist in removing dust and other elements that may affect various activities on a given site. Water carts can also be used for extinguishing a fire, filling up tanks and swimming pools, and watering landscape or compaction. While water carts can generally […]

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Choosing the Best Nozzles for Your Sprayer

29 January 2021

Many industries today maximise water trucks in carrying out numerous functions. One of these functions is dust control. With appropriate water trucks, construction and mining companies can easily eradicate dust so that the site will be free from health risks. Water trucks are also used in controlling and extinguishing the fire. These special types of trucks are likewise utilised in soil compaction, farming, and delivery of potable water. Some of […]

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What Makes Cylindrical-Shaped Water Tanks Suitable for Liquid Transport

14 January 2021

Water tanks have been widely available to different industries due to their versatility and convenience. These special tanks can effectively store large volumes of water or liquid and carry them to locations where they are needed. Some good applications of water tanks include dust suppression, construction works, tank or pool fills, landscape and compaction watering, and water delivery. One aspect of water tanks that makes them versatile and convenient is […]

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Wet1 Centrifugal Self-Priming Pumps: Uses and Applications

15 December 2020

Centrifugal pumps utilise hydrodynamic energy in transporting water or other fluids. The hydrodynamic energy is converted from rotational kinetic energy, which is normally obtained from an engine or electric motor. These pumps are normally used in industrial, agriculture, and domestic applications. When using centrifugal pumps, they must be properly primed first. While these pumps can still run and work without priming, they may encounter issues, problems, and damages along the […]

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