Maximising Payload Capacity with Hydraulic Drive Motors for Water Tank Trailers

10 July 2024

Hydraulic Drive Motors

Discover how hydraulic drive motors boost payload capacity in water tank trailers. Learn why they’re a top choice for efficient water transport in Australia.

As Australia’s leading manufacturer of WET1 water carts and a trusted supplier of various water management solutions, we at WACME, understand the challenges faced by construction and mining operations. One constant battle involves optimising payload capacity while adhering to strict weight restrictions on water tank trailers. This is where hydraulic drive motors emerge as a game-changer, allowing you to haul more water without exceeding weight limits.

The Solution: Hydraulic Drive Motors for Unmatched Efficiency

Hydraulic drive motors are revolutionising the way water tank trailers operate across the sunburnt country. It offers a powerful and efficient solution for overcoming these limitations.

Here’s how they elevate water tank trailer performance:

•  Independent Power Source: Hydraulic drive motors utilise the power of the prime mover’s hydraulic system, independent of the engine’s transmission. This allows for a dedicated and more powerful pump selection, enabling you to haul significantly more water.

•  Optimised Pump Performance: By decoupling the pump from the engine’s RPM limitations, hydraulic drive motors ensure the pump operates at its optimal efficiency, maximising water flow and allowing you to fill your tank trailer faster.

•  Reduced Engine Strain: The independent hydraulic system takes the load off the prime mover’s engine, minimising wear and tear and potentially improving fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Using Hydraulic Drive Motors in Water Tank Trailers

•  Increased Payload Capacity: The ability to utilise a more powerful pump translates to hauling more water per trip, improving operational efficiency.

•  Faster Filling Times: Optimised pump performance through hydraulic drive motors leads to quicker filling times, minimising downtime on worksites.

•  Reduced Fuel Consumption: By alleviating strain on the prime mover’s engine, hydraulic drive motors can potentially improve fuel efficiency.

•  Enhanced Engine Life: Reduced engine strain translates to a longer lifespan for your prime mover.

Pump Models Available at Wacme 

Wacme offers a wide range of pump models to cater to various applications, including mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors. Some of the key pump models available from Wacme include:

WET1 2000 – It includes Honda GX 690, Kohler 425, Hydraulic Drive, Kobota 902, Yanmar TNV 76, and Kohler KDW 1404.

WET1 1300 – A unique design that allows close coupling to a wide range of petrol, and diesel engines, and hydraulic drive systems.

WET1 1300L – Available in various engine configurations, including Kubota OC95 single-cylinder diesel, Kohler 10-3HP single-cylinder diesel, Honda GX390 petrol, 13HP Vanguard petrol, and Yanmar 9HP single-cylinder diesel.

WET1 1300-SS-178 – Designed to be closely coupled to Honda GX390 and Yanmar L100N engines.

Wacme’s extensive range of pump models ensures that customers can find the right solution to meet their specific requirements in the mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors.

WACME: Your Partner in Water Tank Trailer Solutions

At WACME, we understand the diverse needs of construction and mining operations. We offer a comprehensive range of WET1 water tank trailers, including models compatible with hydraulic drive motor setups. Additionally, we supply a wide variety of hydraulically driven pumps to ensure you have the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

Don’t let weight restrictions limit your water-hauling capabilities. Call us today to explore how hydraulic drive motors for water tank trailers can revolutionise your operations.

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