Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps: Efficient Solutions for Water Pumping Needs

27 June 2024

Tanker Water Pumps

Learn about the benefits of hydraulic drive water pumps from WACME Pty Ltd. Discover their difference, designed for a wide range of applications.

In mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications, reliable and efficient water pumping solutions are crucial. WACME Pty Ltd, an Australian Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), offers a range of high-performance hydraulic drive water pumps designed to meet the challenges of these industries.

What are Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps?

Hydraulic drive water pumps utilize a hydraulic motor powered by a separate engine or existing hydraulic system to drive the pump. This mechanism separates the pump from the prime mover, providing several benefits over traditional direct-drive pumps.

Wet1™ 2000

One of W’s flagship products is the WET1™ 2000, an Australian-made hydraulic drive water pump well-suited for a variety of applications. The stainless steel impeller shaft sleeve clamps over the engine shaft, providing an external connection and eliminating the need for complex coupling systems. This design not only simplifies installation but also reduces maintenance requirements, saving time and resources for end-users.

WACME offers a wide range of WET1™ 2000 models to suit different engine configurations, including the WET 1 2000-PD-172-H690 and WET 1 2000-DD-172-K.

Wet1™ 1300

In addition to the WET1™ 2000, WACME offers the WET1™ 1300, a compact and versatile hydraulic drive water pump designed for a wide range of applications. The WET1™ 1300 features a stainless steel shaft sleeve that protects the engine crankshaft from damage, ensuring a long service life.

This pump is available in various configurations, including close-coupled to Kobota OC95 single-cylinder diesel, Kohler 10-3HP single-cylinder diesel, and Yanmar 9HP single-cylinder diesel engines.

Key Advantages of Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps

•  Versatility: Hydraulic drive water pumps can be coupled with various prime movers, including electric motors, diesel engines, or PTO (Power Take-Off) from tractors or other machinery. This flexibility allows you to leverage existing power sources, reducing operational costs.

•  Variable Speed Control: A significant benefit of hydraulic drive water pumps is their ability to deliver variable flow rates and pressures. By regulating the hydraulic flow to the motor, you can precisely control the pump’s output, making it ideal for applications requiring adjustments based on real-time requirements.

•  Efficient Operation: Hydraulic drive water pumps boast high efficiency due to reduced friction and power losses between the prime mover and the pump. This translates to lower fuel consumption and operational costs.

•  Smooth Operation: The hydraulic drive system provides a smoother and quieter operation compared to direct-drive pumps. This translates to less wear and tear on the pump components, extending equipment lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements.

•  Safer Environment: Separating the prime mover from the pump eliminates the risk of fumes or exhaust emissions in the pumping area, creating a safer working environment.

WACME’s hydraulic drive water pumps, particularly the WET1™ 2000 and WET1™ 1300, offer efficient and reliable solutions for water pumping needs in mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. With their robust design, versatile configurations, and numerous advantages, these pumps are well-suited to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industries

So, if you’re looking for an efficient and dependable water pumping solution, consider a hydraulic drive water pump from WACME Pty Ltd. Contact our team today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our hydraulic drive water pumps can empower your operations.

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