All You Need to Know About Hydraulic Driven Water Pump

08 September 2022

A hydraulically powered water pump lifts a little volume of water to a great height. It is a low-flow water pumping device. It expends energy as a significant amount of water falls over a short distance. A hydraulic water pump is made up of pipes with a pressure vessel, non-return valve, and drain valve. The only moving components of the pump are the two valves.

A drain valve is included in the pump’s initial chamber or component. Water flows from the valve as it enters the chamber until the pressure inside the chamber forces it to close. A little amount of water spills out of the supply pipe as a result of the check valve being opened by the ensuing abrupt increase in pressure. As a result, the system’s pressure decreases.

Using a hydraulically powered water pump is a relatively straightforward and affordable way to move water at a low flow rate. It is perfect for small-scale residential and agricultural applications. The pumps use kinetic energy to raise a smaller volume of water significantly above the source by drawing in a large volume of water from a low height. Pumps powered by hydraulics are dependable and simple to repair. Hydraulic-driven water pumps are also easy to maintain. Additionally, they work well with a distance of 20 feet (6 metres) between the source and the pump, which is enough to pump water at a rate of up to 4000 gallons (15,140 litres) per day up to a height of 150 feet.

How Does Hydraulic Driven Water Pump Work?

Conceptually, a hydraulically powered water pump is extremely straightforward. A drive pipe transports water from a higher source into the first pump chamber. There is a typical drain valve in this chamber, which lets water out. A check valve separates the subsequent part of the hydraulic water pump from the initial chamber from which it emerges.

A small amount of water can flow out of the pump through the discharge pipe when the drain valve closes because increased pressure inside the chamber causes this check valve to open. As a result, the pressure in the first chamber decreases, opening the drain valve and starting the process over again.

The pressure chamber, which is between the non-return valve and the discharge pipe, is a vertical tank partially filled with air. The air in the vessel is compressed as the discharge stream exits the first chamber, preventing a water hammer from damaging the entire system. Although the system will function without this vessel, it does boost the pump’s efficiency. The lifespan of the complete hydraulic water pump will be shortened by removing the pressure vessel, though.

Water pumps with hydraulic drives are wonderful tools for tasks like daily cleaning. The pumps have sufficient power for even industrial applications. Call us at 048 032 5517 to learn more about this type of pump. WACME Pty Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of a wide range of water pumps, water tank trailers, and other water-related products for mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications across Australia. Contact us today!

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