Custom-Built Trailer Water Carts: Built to Last in Tough Environments

13 June 2024

Custom-Built Trailer Water Carts

Discover the advantages of custom-built trailer water carts and find the perfect one that delivers durability and tailored capacity in various industries.

Water trucks and carts are essential equipment for a wide range of industries, from construction and mining to agriculture. These versatile vehicles play a crucial role in tasks such as dust suppression, soil compaction, irrigation, and emergency water supply.

When it comes to custom-built trailer water carts, WACME Pty Ltd has established itself as a leading manufacturer, offering durable and reliable solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients. With a focus on quality, reliability, and durability, the company has earned an excellent reputation for its custom-built water carts and tanks.

Key Features of Custom-Built Trailer Water Carts

The key features that make WACME’s custom-built trailer water carts stand out include:

Durable Tank Design

•  Quad-bent tank design for a sturdy and heavy-duty base

•  Scalloped internal seams to prevent splitting and extend tank lifetime

•  Heavy-duty liner to protect against rust and damage, ensuring a long lifespan

Robust Pump and Valve System

•  Powerful and long-lasting pumps and valves for reliable water supply

•  Efficient water spray for effective dust suppression and other applications

Accessible Maintenance and Service

•  Easy access to parts and mechanics for straightforward maintenance

•  Reasonable repair and maintenance costs


The beauty of custom builds lies in their adaptability. You can incorporate features like:

•  Heavy-duty pumps: Ensure efficient water flow for various applications like pressure washing, dust control, or irrigation.

•  Spray bars or booms: Facilitate targeted water application across wider areas.

•  Hose reels and dispensing nozzles: Offer convenient water access for various tasks.

Tailored Capacity

Custom builds allow you to choose the perfect tank size for your specific requirements. Whether you need a few hundred litres for dust suppression or several thousand litres for large-scale irrigation, a custom water cart can be designed to meet your needs.

WACME’s custom-built trailer water carts are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1,000-litre galvanized trailer tanks to 13,000-litre rigid truck tanks, and even up to 40-tonne articulated dump truck tanks. This flexibility allows the company to tailor its solutions to the specific needs of each client, whether they require a stock water truck or a fully customized one.

Find the Right Custom-Built Trailer Water Cart

For a water cart that perfectly aligns with your specific needs, consider reputable manufacturers specializing in custom trailer solutions. Look for a company with a proven track record and a commitment to high-quality materials and construction.

WACME’s custom-built trailer water carts are designed and manufactured to excel in the toughest environments. With a focus on quality, durability, and reliability, the company’s products are built to last, ensuring that its clients can rely on their water carts to perform critical tasks efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re in construction, mining, agriculture, or industrial, WACME’s custom-built trailer water carts are a smart investment that will serve you well for years to come.

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