The Versatility of Custom Built Water Carts

13 October 2020

Water carts, which is also known as water trucks, are water carrying vehicles that are utilised by various industries and applications. These water carts work by holding and storing the water on their storage unit and releasing them whenever necessary.

In general, water carts can be customised so that they can be mounted on either a dump truck or a road truck. Some of the customisations that can be made for water carts mostly revolve around their total capacity, enhancements, and the overall build or material of these products. Most water carts are equipped with automatic hose reels, water cannons, cab-operated batter sprays, and front road sprayers. These attachments help in releasing the water to the intended location or application.

The versatility of custom built water carts transcends to a wide variety of industries and applications. The following are some of the most useful applications of these water-carrying units.

Property Services

Property services that would require a huge amount of water may benefit from the versatility of custom built water carts. With various hose and spray options, property owners can easily obtain the needed water for their specific projects. Services like general cleaning, dust suppression, filling up the pool, tank refills, landscape watering, compaction watering, and even water delivery can all be performed by custom built water carts.

Civil Construction

Another useful application of these water-carrying units is civil construction. Dust management is crucial whenever construction works are done here in Australia. And with the help of custom built water carts, construction sites can be easily cleaned once they are sprayed by water cannons. Roads can likewise maximise these water carts as the water released from these units can help them with soil compaction.

Excavation Activities

The mining sector easily utilises water carts when it comes to dust suppression and environmental rehabilitation. These water carts can easily provide the needed water on the mining site. Dust suppression or control on the mining site can help workers around these sites to be safe from the effects of these particles. The environment can also be protected from the damages of dust and debris once water carts provide the needed water on site. Pollution, ultimately, can be reduced significantly.

Potable Water Delivery

Water carts can also provide safe water to households and properties. As long as the tanks of these carts are made from food-grade materials, then they can easily transport and provide drinking or potable water to communities and households. With these water-carrying units, communities and households can easily obtain the needed healthy water for consumption.

Huge Fire Prevention

One great use of custom built water carts is fire prevention. Huge fire incidents may occur anytime on buildings or forest areas. And so, aside from the usual fire trucks, custom built water carts can easily contribute to flushing out and controlling the fire. Water carts can likewise wet the surrounding area of fire as a preventative measure.

Custom built water carts are truly versatile since they can be used in numerous applications and industries. For more information and details about these water carts, give us a call now at WACME.


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