Carrying More with Less: Custom Trailer Tanks for Streamlining Liquid Transport

22 February 2024

Custom Trailer Tanks

Improve liquid transport with custom trailer tanks from WACME. Discover how these tanks streamline efficiency and maximise capacity. Call us at 048 032 5517.

When delivering water, fuel, chemicals, or other fluids, the best thing that you can invest in is custom trailer tanks. These storage tanks have the ability to carry a huge volume of fluid while minimising resources, ensuring businesses across various industries can become successful. At WACME, we offer custom trailer tanks to help you transport liquids of all types efficiently.

What are Custom Trailer Tanks?

Custom trailer tanks are designed to fit seamlessly onto trailers, maximising cargo space and streamlining the transportation process. Unlike standard tank containers, which may possess fixed capacities and dimensions, custom trailer tanks are tailored to meet specific requirements, allowing for greater flexibility and optimisation in liquid transport operations.

At WACME, our custom-built trailer water carts and diesel tanks can hold liquids of up to 10,000 litres. They are static with lifting lugs and/or fork pockets. They are also baffled by on-road stability. Even the plumbing, pipework, and sprays can be custom-fitted to your requirements. Ultimately, our custom-built trailer water carts and diesel tanks are ready for registration.

Custom Trailer Tanks: Benefits

When you opt for our offerings, you can easily carry larger volumes of liquid while occupying minimal space. By customising the tank dimensions, shape, and configuration, you can maximise the payload capacity of trailers without sacrificing safety or stability. Hence, expect more liquid to be transported in each trip, reducing the number of journeys required and lowering overall transportation costs.

Additionally, our customer trailer tanks can help accommodate your needs. From potable water to petroleum products, they can be constructed using durable materials to ensure compatibility with different fluids, withstand harsh environmental conditions, and last for a long time.

Operational efficiency and effectiveness can likewise be improved when you invest in our custom tanks. They can be equipped with integrated pumping systems, metering devices, safety accessories, and others to facilitate the loading, unloading, and monitoring of liquid cargo. These additional components reduce manual handling, minimising spillage or contamination risks, and enhance productivity.

Our custom tanks comply with specific industry codes and standards, making sure you can use them for road transport without worrying about violations and hefty fines.

Maximise Custom Trailer Tanks

From agriculture and construction to oil and gas, our custom trailer tanks can be widely used across various sectors to facilitate liquid transport operations. Whether it’s delivering water to remote locations, refuelling vehicles and equipment on job sites, or transporting chemicals for industrial processes, these innovative and industry-grade tanks can keep businesses moving forward.

Custom trailer tanks from WACME offer a versatile and efficient solution for streamlining liquid transport operations. By boosting cargo capacity, enhancing safety and compliance, and optimising efficiency, our tank offerings can help your business carry more with less, enabling you to meet the demands of today’s dynamic marketplace. Delivering essential supplies or supporting industrial processes is easier with our custom trailer tanks, helping you maximise productivity and profitability in liquid transport.

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