Everything You Need to Know About the Uses of Water Trucks

29 March 2022

For centuries, water has been used by a lot of industries in carrying out their main tasks. For instance, the farming industry has relied on water to irrigate crops and cultivate lands. The construction industry, alternatively, maximises water to mix construction materials and suppress dust. Other industries use water to clean machines, maintain hygiene, and other relevant applications.

Water may be accessed through taps and showers. However, not all places have these fittings to attain the needed water supply. Hence, some industries would opt for water trucks so they can carry out their applications without any problems.

Water trucks are vehicles that are comprised of a tank, pumping equipment, and other related accessories. They help store, transport, and supply water to places that need it. The following are some of the most notable uses of water trucks that you need to know about.

Suppress Dust

One of the most notable uses of water trucks is to suppress dust. Dust particles in construction and mining sites can build up and spread very quickly once strong winds are present. As they accumulate, they can eventually cause negative health effects to the people on-site. The presence of large amounts of dust can also make construction and mining work more difficult due to low visibility. They can ultimately damage the equipment pieces and tools used for these industries. Water trucks help suppress dust to ensure workers’ safety and guarantee quality site activities.

Compact Soil

Another use of water trucks is to compact soil. Mostly done in the road and building constructions, soil compaction must be done so that the ground will be flat and intact. By utilising water trucks, the ground can be filled with an ample amount of water so its particles can adhere to each other. Filling the ground with sufficient water can also prevent it from getting sludgy.

Perform Irrigation

The farming industry, as mentioned before, use water in irrigating crops and cultivating lands. While most agricultural sites are often provided with a stable water supply, they might sometimes need water trucks during crucial times. Once the droughts hit, the industry can utilise water trucks so that a sufficient supply of water can be transported and distributed to fields that need it the most. Water trucks can subsequently ensure that the farming industry continues to nurture products needed by people.

Put Out Fire

Property fires can be devastating, especially if they have reached other buildings and properties. While active and passive fire protection products are already present on affected properties, bringing in water trucks to the fire incidents can be a huge help in putting out a fire. Fire trucks can also be significantly useful for communities that do not utilise fire hydrants.

Supply Potable Water

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can typically affect the potable water lines of communities. Since water is essential to one’s survival, people in affected communities must have a sufficient potable water supply. Fortunately, water trucks can be disinfected, filled with potable water, and transported into areas that need a potable water supply.

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