Custom Built Hose Reels from WACME: Streamlining Industrial Hose Storage

11 March 2024

Custom Built Hose Reels

Streamline your industrial hose storage with custom built hose reels by WACME. Discover our tailored solutions for efficient and optimised hose operations.

In industrial settings, hoses must be stored and managed with custom built hose reels. By achieving these things, businesses can easily maintain workflow efficiency and safety standards. Custom built hose reels offer a tailored solution to streamline hose storage and retrieval processes, guaranteeing optimal organisation and accessibility.

WACME offers custom built hose reels so they can help industries optimise hose storage in their respective facilities.

Effective Hose Storage is Essential

Industrial hoses are vital components used in various applications, including fluid transfer, pneumatic systems, and material handling. Proper storage of these hoses is essential to prevent damage, kinking, tangling, and tripping hazards, which can lead to downtime, maintenance costs, and safety risks. 

Custom-built hose reels provide a systematic approach to hose storage, keeping hoses neatly coiled and easily accessible when needed. To make sure they can work optimally, you must partner with WACME as we can fabricate them to the highest standards of quality and reliability. We also understand the unique challenges and requirements of industries and can provide responsive support, customisation options, and timely delivery of products.

Custom Built Hose Reels: Benefits

Custom built hose reels from WACME offer several advantages over off-the-shelf options.

•  Tailored Specifications: Custom hose reels can fit the specific dimensions and requirements of your facility, providing optimal use of space and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

•  Enhanced Durability: Built with high-quality materials and construction techniques, custom hose reels are more durable and long-lasting than standard models, securing reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.

•  Improved Organisation: Custom hose reels can be configured with features such as multiple tiers, swivel mounts, and locking mechanisms to facilitate organised storage and easy retrieval of hoses, which helps minimise clutter and downtime.

•  Guaranteed Safety: Custom hose reels from WACME can be designed with safety features such as tension adjustment, slow retraction, and anti-kink mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries during hose handling and operation.

Tailored Solutions for Applications

Custom built hose reels can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different industrial applications. For mining, heavy-duty hose reels can be designed for harsh mining environments by incorporating corrosion-resistant materials and rugged construction. These specifications can help them withstand abrasive materials and extreme conditions. 

The manufacturing and processing industries can then maximise custom built hose reels with stainless steel components and precision engineering for hygienic applications. The automotive and aerospace sectors, alternatively, may maximise custom built hose reels with ergonomic design, compact form factor, and lightweight elements.

Custom built hose reels by WACME offer a tailored solution to optimise industrial hose storage in facilities. With their tailored design, enhanced durability, improved organisation, and compliance with safety standards, our custom hose reels can contribute to streamlined operations, reduced downtime, and increased productivity. By collaborating with us, you can access customised solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring efficient hose management and workflow efficiency. Invest in our custom built hose reels today to streamline your industrial hose storage and elevate your operational capabilities throughout your entire operations.

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