What Makes Cylindrical-Shaped Water Tanks Suitable for Liquid Transport

14 January 2021

Water tanks have been widely available to different industries due to their versatility and convenience. These special tanks can effectively store large volumes of water or liquid and carry them to locations where they are needed. Some good applications of water tanks include dust suppression, construction works, tank or pool fills, landscape and compaction watering, and water delivery.

One aspect of water tanks that makes them versatile and convenient is their tank shape. While these tanks can be made from various shapes, there is one specific shape that has been utilised by many industries when it comes to liquid transport. Most industries would much prefer cylindrical-shaped water tanks compared to other types of water tanks due to the following reasons.

Superior Stability

Cylindrical-shaped water tanks are known to transport liquid better than others due to their associated superior stability. The shape of these water tanks allows them to possess a low gravity centre, which makes the liquid storage unit of these tanks to be much closer to the ground. This specific quality alone permits these water tanks to be much more stable and balanced during liquid transport. Rectangular- and square-shaped water tanks, in contrast, have higher gravity centre that could affect liquid transport.

No Weak Points

Another reason why many industries prefer cylindrical-shaped water tanks is that they do not truly have any structural weak points. Since these tanks do not have any weak points, they do not need to be reinforced and acquire more materials just to build them. Alternatively, rectangular- and square-shaped water tanks have corners and flat sides that make them obtain weak points for pressure. And with the presence of pressure, these tanks are expected to fail easily compared to cylindrical-shaped ones.

Minimal Surge

Whenever water tanks accelerate or de-accelerate, the liquid inside them sloshes around because of the law of inertia. The sloshing action, which is also known as surge, normally happens during transport. To reduce the surge effect, water tanks are mostly built with metal sheets inside them. Moreover, drivers would normally slow down or accelerate the tanks smoothly to minimise surge. Out of all water tank shapes, cylindrical-shaped water tanks are known to be the best shape for counteringthe surge effect.

Liquid Extraction

The main purpose of water tanks is to provide liquid to places where they are needed. And to make them effective, the tanks should be able to extract liquid from their units easily. Cylindrical-shaped water tanks can conveniently provide liquid to certain applications since they allow the liquid to get funnelled down to the bottom without any restrictions. Rectangular- or square-shaped tanks, on the other hand, do not allow such liquid movement and can even leave some amount of liquid on their respective units.

All these qualities make cylindrical-shaped tanks to be much preferred by industries when it comes to various liquid-related applications. If you want to acquire these water tanks, you can give us a call at WACME. Building Australian made tankers, WACME custom design and build tanks to suit each customer’s requirements and needs.


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