Wet1 Centrifugal Self-Priming Pumps: Uses and Applications

15 December 2020

Centrifugal pumps utilise hydrodynamic energy in transporting water or other fluids. The hydrodynamic energy is converted from rotational kinetic energy, which is normally obtained from an engine or electric motor. These pumps are normally used in industrial, agriculture, and domestic applications.

When using centrifugal pumps, they must be properly primed first. While these pumps can still run and work without priming, they may encounter issues, problems, and damages along the way. What makes other applications skip priming is that it is difficult to work on. Fortunately, self-priming pumps are now available so that operators of the pumps will not have to prime the pumps themselves.

Features and Specifications

We, at WACME, are known to be the designer and manufacturer of the WET1™ range of tanker water pumps, hose reels, spray equipment and water tankers. Hence, our centrifugal self-priming pumps have certain features and specifications that make them more recommended compared to other pumps.

Our centrifugal self-priming pump has a flow rate of 2000 LPM and pressure of up to 82 psi. Its suction lift is around 7.5 M, while the size of the impeller can suit from 9.5 HP to 30 HP. This pump can likewise be split from engine or pedestal mount without having to disassemble the core pump components. As for durability and compatibility, our pump is made from cast iron, making it suitable to a wide array of liquids.

Apart from these specifications, our centrifugal self-priming pump has stainless steel impeller shaft sleeve that clamps over the engine. Its open adaptor is then present to make sure that the water would never migrate from pump to engine bearings or crank. This specific part is also intended to provide ventilation to the engine. The pump is fitted with carbon rotary face with silicon carbide stationary face and fluorocarbon elastomers metric mechanical seal, allowing it to handle different types of liquids.

Benefits and Applications

Given the features of self-priming pumps and their well-thought assembly, they boast certain benefits that can be helpful for different applications. For one, they can easily run and operate even with the presence of air and water combination. This operating condition allows them to operate more quickly. The different material composition of these pumps also allows them to handle different types of liquids. Even the corrosive ones can be easily treated and processed by these pumps.

Another great benefit of WET1™ centrifugal self-priming pumps is that they can conveniently pump fluid even though they are not submerged. Unlike submersible pumps, our pumps can easily stay prime and operate without causing any problems or issues. All these benefits can easily be enjoyed by businesses here in Australia as they are being locally manufactured and produced.

With all these benefits, WET1™ centrifugal self-priming pumps can effectively work well with mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. Water, fuels, greywater, industrial wastewater, and sewage sludge can all be handled and processed by our centrifugal self-priming pumps.


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