Water Valves and Hose Fittings Online Store: Shop at Your Own Convenience!

29 May 2020

Different mining, construction, agricultural, and industrial applications have been utilising a wide range of water pumps, hose reels, spray equipment, water tank trailers, and other water-related products for various applications. And given the scope of the tasks that they usually do every day, they would require a supplier that can promptly provide them with all their needs.

These specific industries often need to obtain air fittings, camlocks, roll groove fittings, spray valves, pipe fittings, suction flap assembly, wear plates, pumps, and spray units within a short time. And given the situation that the world is facing today, the option for purchasing these products in person may be minimised for some businesses.

Fortunately, businesses are now leaning towards the convenience of an online store. With the power of the internet, online stores can now change the way we purchase and sell products and services.

Benefits of Online Stores

One important thing about online stores is that they eliminate the need to physically go to the store itself and interact with different people. Eliminating this specific aspect allows us to be safe from health risks and provides us comfort in purchasing products within the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

Online stores can also help in saving time and effort. There are times where we physically visit a store, only to find out that the product we are looking for is already out of stock. With online shopping, you do not have to ask for the availability of a product as the website or a store representative can already notify you whether your product is available or not. The time spent on driving to the store can be instead used on other more important activities.

Another reason why online shopping is better compared to physical shopping is because of the difference in price. Physical stores must compensate for the rental fees and other additional fees just to run the business, which pushes them to increase the price of their products. Online stores, on the other hand, are not bounded by the expenses found in physical stores. This specific aspect helps them offer products at discounted or lower prices.

Online Shopping with WACME

Fortunately, we at WACME offers the convenience brought by online stores. Our website list all our products that are available for purchase, alongside their description and specifications. With our online store, adding your desired products to the cart and processing your payment method is reasonably simple and straightforward. Rest assured that your personal information will only be used in processing your order and other purposes described in our privacy policy.

Our expertise and experience in offering a wide range of high-quality water pumps, water tank trailers, and other water-related products make us the number one choice for different industries. We are even the original equipment manufacturer of WET1™ range of tanker water pumps, hose reels, spray equipment, and water tanks.

We even customise and manufacture a wide range of road and off-road water carts for the construction and mining industries. We also specialise in custom building WET1™ products that are suitable for our clients’ needs and are compliant with all OH&S protocols.

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