Prolong the Lifespan of Your Spray Unit through Regular Maintenance

04 November 2021

Water trucks have been maximised by various businesses and industries since they can easily transport and release a huge amount of water to the intended destinations. Some notable applications of water trucks include dust suppression, fire control, soil compaction, and potable water delivery.

The known applications of water trucks can only be conducted optimally if they are equipped with compatible spray units. Spray units are comprised of components that can release water and other liquid elements based on the needed capacity of a particular place or site. As long as the spray units are maintained regularly, they can effectively carry out various applications without any issues.

If you want to ensure that your spray unit will work all the time, you must have it maintained regularly. Here are some things that you need to do to prolong its lifespan.

Before Initial Use

By the time you have acquired your new spray unit, you must ensure that you conduct a visual inspection. A visual inspection can help pinpoint any manufacturing defects that the spray unit may bring. It can also help in making sure that dust particles are removed right away. Some parts of the spray unit that you should visually check are hose connections and filters. Once the visual inspection of your sprayer unit is finished, you must test it immediately by filling some water in your water truck.

Before Daily Use

Maintaining your spray unit before using it in your intended application is the best way to ensure that it can function optimally. Similar to initial use, the maintenance of your spray unit before daily use can be done by visually inspecting its hoses and fittings. Its filters must also be checked so you can easily clean it if ever it has been bombarded with elements. Of course, you must subsequently check the condition of your water truck so that your spray unit can work well.

After Regular Use

Now that you have maximised the functions of your spray unit, it is time for you to check it again after use. After using your spray unit, you must flush the pump, hoses, and nozzles with clean water. Doing this can help remove any chemicals that you may have used during your previous processes. Flushing these components can likewise remove particles that are possibly stuck.

Monthly Upkeep

Despite maintaining it before and after use, your spray unit might still get some issues if it is not used for a long time. Hence, maintaining it every month can ensure that its lifespan will be much longer. When maintaining your spray unit monthly, you can see if it boasts some worn or broken parts. Once your filters have been used for a long time, then you must clean them with a pressure washer. Otherwise, you have to replace them entirely. Testing the nozzles of your spray unit must also be conducted monthly to see if they need to be replaced or fixed.

If your spray unit, however, has gained a lot of damages, you must replace it right away. We, at WACME, offer spray units that can help your water truck get the job done.

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