Primary Features of WET 1 2000 Hydraulic Drive Water Pump

02 December 2021

Trucks are paired with engines that can sustain their operations for a long time. And to ensure that these engines will continuously operate optimally, truck owners should fit them with water pumps.

Water pumps are components that can ensure the smooth operations of trucks. With these components, they can generally send huge amounts of coolant to various parts of the engine so that its temperature will remain at optimal levels. Most trucks these days maximise water pumps on their engines. However, if they already possess a coolant leak, loose pump pulley, overheating engine, and white smoke emission, then it means that the water pumps must be replaced right away.

A lot of water pumps are available in the market today. But one specific water pump that can help truck owners is the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump. Here are some things that you need to know about the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump.

Pump Design

The WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump has a pump design that couples into petrol and diesel engines. The pump is then fitted with a replaceable wear plate on its cast-iron housing, a carbon rotary face with silicon carbide stationary face, and Viton elastomers metric mechanical seal. The last two elements are essential in handling different types of liquids.

Pump Impeller

The pump impeller of the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump is 6-vane, allowing it to provide a smooth output flow. Its stainless steel impeller shaft sleeve can then clamp over the engine, allowing it to provide an external connection to the engine.

Engine Adaptor

The engine adaptor of the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump can then ensure that water will never infiltrate and transfer from the pump into the engine bearings or crank. Its open engine adaptor likewise allows quality ventilation of the engines.

Other Features

Other features of the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump include versatile hydraulic drive pump units, high-quality bear shaft pedestal pumps, and a capable pump suction inlet. All the components permit the pump to reach flow rates to 2000 LPM and pressures to 82 psi. The pump can even split from the pedestal or engine mounts without disassembling it.

All the qualities of the WET 1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump make them suitable for agriculture, construction, industrial, and mining applications.

To know more about this pump, you can call us at WACME. We are the designer and manufacturer of the WET 1 range of tanker water pumps, hose reels, spray equipment and water tankers. Our WET 1 products assure our clients of high quality and reliable water pumping solutions for various businesses and industries. From concept to completion, we make sure that we have full compliance with ALL OH&S protocol, giving the guarantee that all our clients’ specifications are met.

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