Know the Benefits of Custom Built Water Carts for Construction and Other Businesses

26 February 2021

The construction industry utilises water in a lot of ways. For one, all the workers on site consume water directly to avoid dehydration due to working for long hours. As for the construction sites, the water is used to wash aggregates, prepare raw concrete, cure concrete, remove or minimise dust, and clean surfaces and equipment. On average, millions of gallons of water are being used by construction sites every year.

Aside from the construction industry, other industries that utilise water include gas & oil, mining, textiles and garments, farming, meat production, and beverage sector. Given the abundance of businesses that need water, custom built water carts are typically utilised to supply the essential liquid.

Water carts are specialised water-carrying vehicles that can travel to different sites and locations. They are known to provide the following benefits to all the previously stated industries.

Remove Dust Particles

Custom built water carts are capable of removing and eradicating dust particles on a particular site or place thanks to their accompanying pumps and spray units. Dust particles can be a threat to the construction site as well as other places since they can cause damages to nearby structures and equipment. They can likewise affect the health of the people who are on site. With custom built water carts, the dust particles can be washed down and cleared out so they cannot cause more problems.

Carry Out Activities

What makes custom built water carts beneficial for these businesses is that they can be truly versatile and convenient. They can be used to store and transport large volumes of water or other liquid as well as carry out different functions to places where they will be needed. With these carts, construction works, filling of tanks or pools, water delivery, suppression of fire, agricultural farming, manufacturing of chemical, preparation of food or meals, and other activities can be carried out easily.

Save Many Resources

Construction and other businesses require huge volumes of water just to supply their needs and carry out certain functions on their respective sites and facilities. With custom built water carts, the water requirements of the businesses can be easily met as they can be designed to deliver the exact volume of needed water without compromising overall build and quality. Some of these water carts can even be hired instead of purchasing them, which can ultimately save time, money, and other valuable resources.

To gain access to high-quality custom built water carts, feel free to call us at WACME. We have been manufacturing WET1 water tanks for the construction and mining industry since 2007. Building Australian made tankers, we custom design and build tanks to suit each customer’s requirements and needs. From 1000 litre galvanized trailer tanks to 13,000-litre rigid truck tanks, up to 40-tonne articulated dump truck tanks and everything in between. Our tanks are designed to give the best weight distribution over all axels in accordance with the truck specifications.


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