Common Uses and Applications of Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps

24 January 2020

Hydraulic drive water pumps are commonly used as the prime movers in dust control equipment. The fluid impetus provided by the pumps is even strong enough to wash away gooey oil spills and menacing fuel overflows. Expect to find the equipment held in reserve on a fuel dump because of this application-beneficial feature. Upon, really getting into the spirit of this article now, what other usage domains have found a place for these high-powered pumps?

Drain and Gutter Clearance Services

Ordinary water pumps provide enough head to overcome a given height-to-surface differential, but they’re not designed to discharge forceful spouts of water. The only exception to that rule comes from fountain pumps, which are found in everyday garden features. For a product line that’s actually intended to discharge a substantial, stable fluid head, we turn to hydraulic drive water pumps. Imagine one of these powered rigs clearing an underground drainage clog. Up above ground, near roof level, leaves and autumn debris blocks a home’s guttering. That’s a problem, well, it will be when the first winter rains strike. Again, a powered discharge of pump-augmented water blasts the debris apart.

Applied Surface Cleansing Power

Dust control is an important service to have at hand, of course. Better yet, there’s the option to turn up the water discharge settings and gain a soil compaction function. The moisture binds the dirt and sand and clay-like sod together, so a job site’s grading operation can proceed without challenge from high winds. Then there are the oil and chemical spills that occur on petroleum facilities. Fuel overflows are another issue, one that cannot be allowed to continue. On mining facilities, dust is an ongoing problem. That material can even become a flash fire hazard when it’s composed of bituminous coal particles. Incidentally, some of these pumps are so powerful, so focused, that they’re used as mining tools. Employed in a coal mine again, the discharge can cut through soft coal faces.

Moderately powerful hydraulic drive water pumps wash away chemical spills and fuel overspills, too. They soak dry bush, thus operating as a firebreak solution. In mines, they control dust propagation problems, cut potentially combustible bituminous clouds down. On land, they also function as mobile-centric tanker spray pumps, toiling on work sites as soil compaction systems. Super-powerful models are also industry-popular equipment choices. They cut through coal faces, work in fabrication systems as tool cutters or coolants, and even serve as abrasive surface polishers. For that last fabrication system, beads or sand are added to the water. Away from wet abrasive and high-pressure industrial cutting applications, powered water pumps undo sewage system clogs and guttering blockages, too.

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