Understanding WET1 2000 Pump Specifications

07 February 2020

The industrial, agriculture, construction and mining industries all have need for pumps that are suitable for pumping water or for use with diesel or petrol engines. They must rely on these pumps heavily at times, and therefore, they require ones that work reliably whenever the need to use them. For this reason, the pumps must contain durable parts and the right specifications. One model that anyone looking for pumps should […]

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Common Uses and Applications of Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps

24 January 2020

Hydraulic drive water pumps are commonly used as the prime movers in dust control equipment. The fluid impetus provided by the pumps is even strong enough to wash away gooey oil spills and menacing fuel overflows. Expect to find the equipment held in reserve on a fuel dump because of this application-beneficial feature. Upon, really getting into the spirit of this article now, what other usage domains have found a […]

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Significance of Water Tankers in Construction and Mining Industries

07 January 2020

Water tankers can be seen driving up and down sandy construction sites. On the grounds of an active mining complex, the same truck sprays water on loose soil because clay and dust have been freed-up by the mine’s excavation activities. So, what’s the role of these vehicles? Why are they driving freely around worksites? Think about it, wildly out of control due to the conditions, these granulated deposits are site […]

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