Air Solenoids from WACME: Make Your Pump Systems Efficient

05 February 2024

air solenoids

Optimise the efficiency of your pump systems with air solenoids from WACME. Explore how they enhance control and elevate performance. Call 048 032 5517 today!

Many industries today take advantage of pump systems to move fluids from one location to another. They are comprised of multiple components to make them operational. To date, they can be utilised for transferring water supply, managing wastewater treatment, and many more. With the right components, they can conveniently transport fluids efficiently, overcoming resistance and providing the optimal flow rates and pressures for a variety of applications.

Air Solenoids as the Tool for Efficiency 

One of the components that can make pump systems efficient is the air solenoids.

Air solenoids are electromechanical devices that control the flow of air. They serve as valves that open and close in response to electrical signals. Generally, their precision and responsiveness make them indispensable components in pump systems.

The working principle of air solenoids is straightforward. When energised with an electrical current, the coil inside these devices generates a magnetic field that attracts the plunger towards the core. As these things move, the state of the valve is controlled, regulating the airflow in pneumatic systems like pumps.

As for pumps, the air solenoids can ensure their efficiency by preventing over-pressurisation, adjusting flow rate, optimising pressure settings, enabling accurate control of start/stop cycles, and carrying out other vital functions.

Advantages of Integrating Air Solenoids

Tons of benefits can be expected from air solenoids.

First, they can provide precise control over the flow of air, regulating the operation of pumps. They can finely tune the opening and closing of the valves, which allows for accurate adjustments in the pump system. It ensures that the desired flow rates and pressure levels are maintained.

Energy use is also regulated optimally by air solenoids. As they control the air supply to the pumps precisely, air solenoids can optimise the energy consumption of the entire system, which in terms reduces operational costs and aligns with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

Air solenoids are known for their high-speed operation and rapid response times. Their quick opening and closing allow pump systems to adjust swiftly to changes in demand, making them useful in applications where the pump should adapt to varying flow requirements.

Other notable advantages of air solenoids include enhanced pump system reliability, minimised waste, improved accuracy, and enhanced sustainability.

Investing in Air Solenoids from WACME

Whether in industrial settings, water treatment plants, or manufacturing sites, air solenoids can be utilised in various types of pump systems. If you require one, you must contact us at WACME. We offer 12V air solenoid & coil, 24V air solenoid & coil, 12VC coil only, and 24VC coil only. Their robust design can ensure that your pump systems will operate efficiently over extended periods. Our offerings can also reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Air solenoids’ precision, speed, and energy-saving capabilities make them catalysts for optimal pump performance. By integrating these small yet powerful devices, your business can ensure that your pump systems operate with the utmost efficiency. Contact WACME today to invest in one.

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