Water Tankers for Dust Control in Job Sites

13 March 2020

Dust is a problem on many work or job sites since it can leave a residue on surfaces and negatively affect air quality. The contents of dust include such elements as pollen, dirt, ash, salts, mould spores, pesticides bacteria, heavy metals and or other contaminants. Particles of it can be small enough to be inhaled into the lungs where it can cause respiratory issues in the workers or people in the surrounding areas. As the wind blows, the dust will transfer from surfaces to the atmosphere where it causes a certain level of pollution. Many types of job sites can be affected by dust and water tankers are effective in controlling it. We discuss this topic in further detail below.

Types of Work Sites Affected by Dust

• Construction sites
• Agricultural fields and feed lots
• Parking lots
• Demolition sites
• Masonry work sites
• Landscaping and land-clearing project sites
• Industrial facilities
• Waste clean-up sites
• Many other types of job sites

Reasons to Control Dust

1. Maintaining a Healthy Job Site

This is one of the top reasons to control dust on your job site. When workers or others inhale the dust into their lungs, they can have difficulty breathing momentarily or even develop respiratory disorders.

2. Preventing Air Pollution

Be kind to the environment by keeping dust to a minimum since the wind can sweep up dust into the higher atmosphere. The numerous substances that dust can contain will then, pollute the air. We have enough air pollution today without you adding to it in this manner.

3. Respecting the Surrounding Areas

Dust control also is the polite thing to do for the surrounding areas and property owners. Others should not need to clean up a mess on their property caused from your dust blowing all over it. This is especially important if your job site deals with demolition or other activity that generates a great deal of dust.

How Water Tankers Help to Control Dust

While there are other methods of dust control that you can turn to, using water tankers is a highly effective way to keep dust from becoming a major issue. You should apply water several times a day to keep it on the ground where it belongs and to wash off the affected surfaces. Just be certain not to spray an excessive amount on an area to the point where it erodes the soil. This method is effective no matter what type of project that your job site involves as far as regular dust goes. However, if there are hazardous substances in your dust, such as asbestos, you need to follow the recommended control and removal methods to adhere to local codes.

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