Water Tank Carts and Other Water-Related Products for Agriculture Applications

21 February 2020

Whether you are cultivating crops or raising animals as part of your agricultural endeavour, water plays an integral role in your daily activities. While some of this precious liquid is transported to the necessary locations through plumbing pipes and fixtures, other amounts of it require water tank carts or trucks and other water-related products to get the job done efficiently. We are here to discuss these products in the following information to further your knowledge of them.

What Are Water Carts or Trucks Used for in Agriculture?

Water trucks or carts are important for delivering water to the animals and crops, especially in times of drought. Also, water can be used for frost control in some cases. They also transport potable water to the workers. Let us not forget that water carts help fight fires when the need arises.

Models of Water Carts Available at W.A.C.M.E.

1. Custom-built water carts come with hot dip galvanising and range in capacity from 3,000 L to 40,000 L to fit your specific needs.

2. Off-road articulated water carts come in sizes ranging from 22,000 L up to 34,000 L.

Example of a Standard Water Truck Fit Out

• Hydrant fill point
• Contains hot dip galvanised pumping pipe work
• Overhead fill funnel
• WET1 stainless steel hose reel with nozzle and hose
• Three WET1 80A spray valves
• Light bumper/bar with LED lights
• Section fill plumbing
• Electric over air controls in the cab
• Rear gravity bar

List of Other Water-Related Products That You Can Purchase From W.A.C.M.E.

1. Two packs of epoxy-line tanks for on-road trucks come in various capacities from 8,000 L to 20,000 L.

2. Pump options include models from such brands as Honda, KUBOTA, YANMAR, KOHLER and WET1 with specifications to deliver their functions efficiently.

3. Spray units to deliver the water on target.

4. Optional extras include a front spray kit, WET1 RM65E water cannon, rear pressure bar, hand rails, side batter sprays, ROPS and hand rails.

5. Water carts and trucks occasionally require repairs and W.A.C.M.E. carries a wide assortment of parts in the following categories:

• Camlocks
• Air fittings
• Roll groove fittings
• Pipe fittings
• Spray valves
• Parts for WET1 2000 and WET1 1300

Owning your own water tank carts or trucks and other water-related products will help you operate your agricultural venture efficiently and effectively. Do not let yourself be ill-equipped when there are the above quality products readily available for purchase. You will be able to care for your land, crops, animals and or your structures, if necessary, to help make your endeavour a success.

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