Understanding WET1 2000 Pump Specifications

07 February 2020

The industrial, agriculture, construction and mining industries all have need for pumps that are suitable for pumping water or for use with diesel or petrol engines. They must rely on these pumps heavily at times, and therefore, they require ones that work reliably whenever the need to use them. For this reason, the pumps must contain durable parts and the right specifications. One model that anyone looking for pumps should consider is the Australian-made WET1 2000 hydraulic drive water pump. Below are the features and specifications of this pump to further your knowledge about it.

Pump’s Design Enables Closed Coupling to Diesel and Petrol Engines

Closed coupling of the WET1 2000 pump with petrol and diesel engines means that the impeller is connected to the same shaft as the motor that powers the pump. The motor is machine faced on one end, and this matches the pump casing’s face to enable proper mounting.

Pump’s Flow Rates Between Engine Sizes

Depending upon the engine size that the WET1 2000 is connected to, its flow rate can be as much as 2000 LPM with a pressure of up to 82 psi. This holds true when this pump is paired with such engines as the Honda GX690E 23 HP petrol and the Kohler 425 18 HP diesel engines just for two examples.

List of Specifications

• Seal: Ceramic/Viton/Single Carbon
• Standard Fasteners: Stainless Steel
• Impeller: Six-Vane Semi Open CI
• Impeller Sizes: Sizes Available to Suit 9.5-HP to 30-HP Motors
• Six-mm Wear Plate: Steel
• Housing: Class 30 CI
• Pressure Outlet: 80-mm or Three-Inch Table E Flange
• Suction Outlet: 80-mm or Three-Inch BSP
• Shaft Sleeve: 316SS

Additional Information About the Specifications of the WET1 2000 Pump

The impeller shaft sleeve of stainless steel fits over the engine to the shaft, which provides an external connection to the chosen engine. Water will never leak from the pump to the engine crank or bearings due to the way the pump is mounted to the engine through a special open adaptor. Also, this style of adaptor provides ventilation for the engine. This pump’s housing is attached securely to the replaceable wear plate. With the pump impeller being a six-vane one, it provides a smooth flow during the output. In addition, the WET1 2000 contains a carbon rotary face with a Viton metric mechanical seal and a silicon carbide stationary face to enable it to handle various types of liquids. Each pump contains all the features of the closed coupled hydraulic motor and engine drive unit. As listed in the above section, the pump outlet is an 80-mm table E flange and the pump suction has an 80-mm BSP.

It is easy to see from the above information why you should consider the WET1 2000 hydraulic water pump to fulfil your needs. This pump is a high performer and pairs easily with a variety of motors.

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