The Right Tank Size Selection for Your Spray Trailer

13 April 2023

You can save significant money by outfitting your spray trailer with the appropriate tanks and components. It will assist in making better use of the space on your trailer deck while allowing you to transport the maximum amount of liquid feasible. A diverse selection of designs, geometries, and dimensions are available for liquid transport tanks. By reading this article, you will rapidly understand how to match your requirements with the appropriate spray trailer tank. After consulting with many farmers and producers, we have acquired the knowledge necessary to determine which spraying treatments are most suited to which tanks.

Tank Configurations That Can Be Used With a Spray Trailer

You must have a thorough understanding of your available choices before settling on a tank for your tank trailer. Because of this, you can select the appropriate poly tank for your application.

Flat Bottom Horizontal Leg Tank

These tanks with horizontal legs have a flat foundation and are attached to the trailer underneath the tank in a fixed position.

Sump Bottom Horizontal Leg Tank

These tanks with horizontal legs each have a sump in the bottom. This is the most common option because the tank may be emptied of all its liquid content. Because of how the base is shaped, all the liquid is directed to the middle, where there is a sump. These form tanks need to be mounted on a frame or a custom-made trailer bed to accommodate their sump bases.

Additional Things to Consider

Available Space

When considering the addition of horizontal tanks to a trailer that you already possess, you must consider the available space. It’s possible that you won’t have the capacity for more than one tank on the trailer if you want to transport chemical totes or perhaps your sprayer along with it. The 3,200-gallon capacity spray trailer tank is the most common option. The footprint of this specific tank measures 145 inches long by 97 inches wide.

Liquids To Be Transported

This will not only assist you in determining what colour tank to purchase, but it will also assist you in determining if you require a flat bottom or a sump bottom. If you are transporting more than one kind of liquid, you will need to completely drain your tank to prevent the chemicals from mixing up. You will need a tank with a sump bottom to accomplish this task. You must purchase a tank of the appropriate colour to transport water. Selecting a tank with black horizontal legs will prevent the formation of algae. This occurs as a result of the obstruction of the sun’s rays.

Restrictions on Weight and the Capacity of the Sprayer

The weight constraints placed on your trailer axle or even state legislation might play a role in determining what size tanks you should purchase. You will also be able to select the appropriate size tanks, allowing you to operate more effectively. If your sprayer has a tank that holds 800 gallons, and you spray at a rate of 10 gallons per acre, then each tank may treat 80 acres. If you have a horizontal leg tank of 2,800 gallons and a vertical tank of 3,200 gallons, you are transporting a combined total of 6,000 gallons of liquid. Because of its capacity, the sprayer may be refilled seven times. That comes out to 560 acres sprayed using just one spray trailer.

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