The Importance of Water Carts for Dust Control and Suppression

27 May 2021

Atmospheric dust can be seen anywhere. After all, the particles that it primarily contains come from the surroundings. Atmospheric dust is typically comprised of solid and liquid particles that are suspended in the air. These particles can boast different sizes, with known diameters of 30 micrometres and below.

The solid and liquid particles that the dust contains may come from combustion, soil erosion, and disintegration. They can likewise come from industrial activities, thermoelectrical implants, and vehicular traffic. No matter what their sizes are, they can all cause serious health issues to the people who may have been unconsciously breathing them in. Some health issues that they may obtain include difficulty breathing, irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, lung scarring, and asthma attacks.

Dust Control and Suppression are Vital

Dust particles can be truly harmful to a lot of people. Hence, dust control and suppression must be planned thoroughly and conducted right away.

The implementation of effective dust control and suppression processes can bring tons of benefits to properties and project sites. For one, dust control and suppression can effectively tone down the number of dust particles that are accumulating on surfaces and are floating around the area. Since a lot of these particles are being carried and transferred from one place to another, they can easily reach people and affect their health. Dust control and suppression prevent this from happening, reducing cases of dust-related illnesses. These activities can also help improve area visibility and protect all the people around.

Aside from protecting the people around an area, dust control and suppression can also prevent dust particles from infiltrating and damaging different equipment pieces, machines, and other similar things. Some dust particles can be big enough to damage the surface of these things. They can even damage their internal components once they have entered. With dust control and suppression, any damages that may occur due to dust particles can be averted.

Utilising Water Carts for Dust Control

Properties and project sites that are often filled with dust particles can maximise water carts for efficient dust control and suppression. Water carts are often comprised of storage tanks that can be filled up with water and other types of liquids. They also have water cannons, cab operated batter sprays, front road sprayers, and automatic hose reels to effectively transfer the tank content to its intended location.

Some project sites can easily generate dust particles out of different processes like excavation, demolition, and material handling activities. Some areas can likewise manifest dust particles due to the combination of ground and weather conditions. And through efficient sprayers, water carts can easily carry out dust control and suppression in these areas. Apart from water, water carts that are intended for dust control and suppressions now utilise additives so that dust particles will not be able to move around anymore. Diluting additives to the water carts will not only minimise dust particles, but can also save tons of water, reduce operating hours, and provide safer dust control operations.

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