The Difference Between On-Road and Off-Road Water Carts

26 April 2022

Undergoing a construction project can be challenging if you do not have the proper equipment to supply the needed water for the entire construction process. This is when water carts come in. Some sites are not easily accessible and thus, would require an ideal type of water cart to access the site easily and without delay. There are two types of water carts or water transportation methods that you can choose from, depending on the purpose and intended usage. Other factors need to be considered when choosing a water truck that best suits your project. The two water carts available are on-road and off-road water carts.  To understand their specific uses and components, here is the between on-road and off-road water carts.

Common Uses 

Off-road water carts are commonly used in construction sites and mining operations situated in a location that requires overland travel and are accessible by unpaved and rocky roads. Off-road water carts are specially designed to handle rougher roads and terrains and come with huge wheels to easily maneuver and traverse on those muddy, rough, and rocky terrains.

On-road water carts, on one hand, are commonly used for project sites that are accessible by paved roads this is because on-road water carts do not have the necessary modifications to access sites with tough terrains. On-road water carts are suitable for medium construction projects performed on accessible sites.


Off-road water carts have two types, the skid in the truck-mounted cart and the other one would be the trailer-mounted cart attached to a tractor through a pin or joint. They also include large wheels with open treads to be able to navigate overland and for ease of movement. Off-road water carts have either a round or oval tank design.

On-road water carts, on the other hand, are typically mounted on the back of road trucks or semi-water tankers. On-road water carts mostly have squarer shape designs which make them easily mounted into trucks and trailers.


Off-road water carts can go practically anywhere and reach places that regular on-road water cannot possibly reach. This is why off-road carts are very useful when your site location has uneven and soft ground which makes them the best equipment for accessing difficult terrains. Off-road water carts are specially made to traverse rough and unpaved roads.

On-road water carts, however, are made for accessing paved roads. They are not designed to withstand and traverse tough and rocky terrains. Nevertheless, on-road water carts can easily traverse roads with accessible sites making them a suitable choice for large-scale construction work but not mining projects.


Off-road water carts can carry up to an estimated 50,000 litres of water which makes them the best option for larger projects and certain off-road applications.

Whereas, on-road water carts have a bigger haulage capacity ranging from small tanks of 1000 litres up to large of 20,000 litres which are ample enough to accommodate certain applications. Thus, multiple size on-road water carts can able to deliver bulks of water.

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