Tank and Pump Wear Parts: Available Online at Wacme Pty. Ltd.

29 April 2020

Tanks and pump parts are essential in the construction industry for a variety of reasons. For one they are responsible for preventing a short cycling pump. As air charge in the tank delivers water pressure out of the tank and into the building to avoid water pump rapid on-off cycling or “short cycling” that is annoying and that ultimately damages the equipment. Aside from that, they also prevent water shortage.  At some properties where the supply capacity of the water well is limited, a large water tank may also be used to store water for use by building occupants. That storage capacity assures that occupants always have water and permits the tank to be re-filled slowly during off-use periods. Private well and pump systems include a well (the water source), piping from the well to the building, a water pump, and a water tank to which building water supply plumbing is connected. Below are tank and pump wear parts that are available online at WACME Pty. Ltd.

Tanks Available Online at Wacme Pty. Ltd.

WACME Pty Ltd have been manufacturing WET1 Water Tanks for the construction and mining industry since 2007. Building Australian made Tankers, WACME custom design and build tanks to suit each customer’s requirements and needs. From 1000 Litre Gal Trailer Tanks to 13,000 Litre Rigid Truck Tanks, up to 40 Tonne Articulate Dump Truck Tanks and everything in between.

WET1 Tanks are designed to give the best weight distribution over all axels in accordance with the truck specifications known as truck fit out standard wherein they must adhere to several qualifications. Firstly, all pumping pipe work must be hot dip galvanized. Second, they must have a hydrant fill points, and overhead fill funnel. Also, they should have 3 x WET1 80A Spray Valves, WET1 Stainless Steel Hose Reel 20m x 25mm Hose with nozzle, light bar/bumper with led lights, electric over air in cab controls for all sprays, plumbed to suction fill, and rear gravity bar.

Pump Wear Parts Available Online at Wacme Pty. Ltd.

The WET 1™ 2000 pump is well suited for mining, construction, agriculture and industrial applications. The design allows close coupling to petrol and diesel engines. The stainless steel impeller shaft sleeve clamps over engine to shaft giving external connection to engine. They must have the following specifications — 3″ 2000 LPM, up to 82psi with 7.5M suction lift, cast iron housing, 6-vane semi open cast iron impeller, 316ss shaft sleeve, 6mm wear plate, stainless steel fasteners, single carbon/ceramic/viton seal, and impeller sizes to suit 9.5hp to 30hp motors.

It is easy to see from the above information why you should consider the tanks and pump wear parts from  Wacme Pty. fulfil your needs. This pump is a high performer and pairs easily with a variety of motors.



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