Safety Hazards to Watch Out for When Operating Water Trucks

28 June 2021

Water trucks can carry out different functions for various project sites or locations. For one, they can control the amount of dust particles that are present in the surroundings. They can likewise provide potable water to areas that need a constant drinking water supply. Water trucks can also be used to extinguish a fire, water landscape or compaction, and fill up tanks or swimming pools.

The presence of pumps, spray units, and the trailer itself allows the water trucks to be useful for these specific applications. However, they must still be handled with care to prevent causing damages to nearby properties or structures. They must also be operated carefully to avoid safety hazards.

Safety Hazards Associated with Water Trucks

Those who will be operating the water trucks should be wary of the following safety hazards they might encounter during their operations.

  • Overloading: Water tank trailers often have specific load limit recommendations that must be followed all the time. Failure to follow the stated recommendations of the water tank trailers can lead to overloading, which can then affect the control of the water trucks. Overloading of the water tank trailers can also lead to mechanical failures and premature wear and tear.
  • Slipping Hazard: One of the aforementioned uses of water trucks is to control or reduce dust particles on a project site. They may be helpful in dust control, but the spraying of the water must be done moderately. Over spraying can generate mud and puddles, which can be a serious slipping hazard for the people on site.
  • Tripping Injuries: Water trucks have components that can help in loading and unloading liquid or water. When working around these components, some people might trip and fall over these things, which can then result in sprains, strains, broken bones, back injuries, and others. Therefore, people around these trucks should be cautious about the location of the components.
  • Falling Hazard: Aside from tripping, water trucks can also cause people to fall while loading or unloading the tank content. As a result, they might acquire injuries out of falling from the water tank trailers. To avoid falling hazard and injuries, proper safety equipment must be present.

Safe and Proper Operations of Water Trucks

There are a couple of ways on how to ensure the safe and proper operations of water trucks.

For one, the water trucks should be warmed up first before use to ensure that the brakes and other core components function effectively. Assessment of the condition of the trailers and other attached components must also be done to avoid any mishaps along the way.

During the transport of the water trucks, the driver must accelerate and decelerate appropriately. This can help maintain the balance and gravity centre of water trucks throughout the drive. It can likewise sustain the condition of the content inside the tank, preventing dangerous water surges.

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