Reasons Why Water Trucks are Essential in The Construction and Mining Industry

09 May 2022

Over the years, water has been widely used in a lot of large-scale and small-scale projects and activities. Industries like the construction and mining industries rely on water to carry out their activities. To make the water supply easier and hassle-free, construction and mining industries utilise water trucks to carry out the task without delay and in larger amounts. Construction activities and mining operations require bulk water deliveries to sustain the needed water supply for their respective operations and activities, this is why these huge industries are opting for water trucks. If you are wondering why water trucks are very useful on huge projects like building construction and mining operation, the following are the reasons why water trucks are essential in the construction and mining industry.

Mining Industry

Dust Suppression

Mining operations produce the vast majority of dust. Exposure to dust from mining activities can be a major risk to the health of the mining workers. This is why water trucks are very essential in the mining industry as it helps in suppressing the dust.  Dust build-up in mining sites can spread out in the entire mining area which can pose a health risk to the workers on-site. Breathing in these dust particles which potentially have coal and silica dust can greatly damage the lungs and skin, especially for mining operations where constant exposure is inevitable. Large dust accumulations can also compromise the safety of the mining workers as it will obstruct their vision. Lower visibility underground can result in accidents and mining mining-related injuries. For these reasons, mining industries use water trucks to help suppress dust to ensure optimum safety for every worker at the mining site.


To Mix Construction Materials

One of the most essential elements in construction is water. In preparing mortar, mixing the cement, and curing work, greatly water affects the strength and durability of concrete. It plays a big role in forming adhesive quality and improving the workability of the aggregates as well as in laying and mixing. This is why all construction projects use water trucks because it is very essential in the construction material mixing process.

For Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is another task that water trucks perform in building construction projects. Water trucks are very essential in creating an even and flat ground where the buildings will be built. Water trucks help in compacting the soil. They are built with control mechanisms advertently installed to control the water to fill the ground with an optimum amount of water to ensure strong and stable compaction. The right amount of water prevents the ground from being sludgy and instead, allows the soil particles to adhere to each other. Ensuring soil compaction is necessary to enhance the shear strength of soils through the added friction from the interlocking soil particles. It likewise helps remove air voids and pore space in between soil particles to provide the necessary flat base which is a very crucial support for buildings and other various construction structures.

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