Powder Coated Hose Reels from WACME: Reliable Solutions for Industrial Use

25 October 2023

Powder Coated Hose Reels

Explore the reliability of WACME’s powder-coated hose reels for industrial applications. Learn how they can be used in industrial settings. Call 048 032 5517.

In the industrial landscape, efficiency, durability, and reliability are vital. From manufacturing facilities to construction sites, the seamless operation of equipment is essential for productivity. Powder-coated hose reels emerge as reliable solutions that not only enhance the functionality of industrial processes but also contribute to their long-term durability.

The Role of Hose Reels in Industrial Settings

Hose reels play a pivotal role in industrial settings, offering a convenient and organised way to manage hoses and cables. They are used to store and deploy hoses for various applications, including transferring fluids, powering machinery, and maintaining safety systems. Given the demanding nature of industrial environments, the materials and coatings used in hose reels are critical to their performance and longevity.

Step-by-Step Procedures of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a superior finishing technique that enhances the durability and aesthetics of industrial equipment. It is commonly used to apply a durable and protective layer of colour or texture to different products and surfaces. This technique serves as a popular alternative to traditional liquid paint for automotive, construction, appliances, and more.

The process of powder coating starts by cleaning and pre-treating the substrate to remove any contaminants, rust, or old coatings and ensure proper adhesion of the powder coating. The powder coating is then applied to the substrate using electrostatic spray or fluidised bed systems. Once the powder coating is applied, the coated substrate is moved to a curing oven to effectively melt powder particles and flow them together, forming a smooth and even film.

After curing, the coated substrate is allowed to cool down, solidifying the powder coating and creating a tough, protective layer.

Benefits of Using Powder-Coated Hose Reels

When applied to hose reels, powder coating offers a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for industrial use.

• Enhanced Durability: Powder-coated hose reels are more resistant to corrosion, chemicals, UV radiation, and abrasion compared to traditional paint. This durability ensures longevity, even in harsh industrial environments.

• Protection Against Elements: Industrial settings often expose equipment to various elements. Powder coating acts as a shield, protecting hose reels from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants that could compromise their performance.

• Improved Aesthetic Appeal: Powder coating provides a smooth and uniform finish that enhances the appearance of hose reels. This aesthetic appeal is not only visually pleasing but also reflects professionalism and attention to detail.

• Ease of Maintenance: Powder-coated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. Wiping off debris, dirt, or chemicals becomes simpler, contributing to the efficient upkeep of equipment.

Tactical Application in Industrial Environments

When maximised in industrial settings, powder-coated hose reels should be installed properly in appropriate locations, allowing easy access and safe deployment of hoses. They must also be inspected regularly to detect any signs of wear, damage, or degradation of their surfaces. Any issues must be addressed promptly to maintain optimal performance.

Powder-coated hose reels, which can be purchased from us at WACME, stand as reliable solutions that enhance industrial operations across diverse sectors. Their properties make them an invaluable asset in maintaining efficiency and safety. By incorporating powder-coated hose reels into their equipment arsenal, industrial facilities can ensure seamless operations, extend equipment lifespan, and commit to excellence in a demanding environment.

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