On-Road vs. Off-Road Water Cart Differences

15 February 2021

Water carts are deemed to be useful in a wide variety of applications. They can help in delivering potable water to certain areas or properties. They can likewise assist in removing dust and other elements that may affect various activities on a given site. Water carts can also be used for extinguishing a fire, filling up tanks and swimming pools, and watering landscape or compaction.

While water carts can generally bring and transport huge volumes of water or liquid from one place to another, they still come in different dimensions, sizes, types, and so on. The differences in water carts allow them to be useful for specific applications and avoid any possible performance issues.

Two types of water carts that are typically used here in Australia are on-road water carts and off-road water carts. These cart types boast certain qualities that would make them great for specific needs.

On-Road Water Carts

On-road water carts are designed to be used in reaching sites that are accessible through a paved road. Since they are recommended for roads, projects that involve large scale civil and construction works can surely benefit from this type of water cart. They cannot be used for mining projects since these carts do not have the necessary enhancements to withstand tough terrain.

But despite their limitation, these water carts can still benefit many projects as they come in various sizes. They are mostly designed with a squarer shape so that these water carts can be mounted comfortably into the existing fittings of trucks and trailers. Additionally, the design of the on-road water carts allows them to carry 1,000L to 20,000L of water, which is already enough for certain applications.

Off-Road Water Carts

One great feature of off-road water carts is their ability to go anywhere. Off-road water carts, which are also known as rough terrain water carts, can easily access different types of difficult terrains. From construction to mining locations, these carts have all the needed modifications for them to traverse rough, rocky, and unpaved roads. Some of these modifications include terrain tires and flexible suspension.

There are two types of off-road water carts that one can utilise. The first one would be the skid in truck-mounted carts. The second type of off-road water cart would be the trailer-mounted cart. These carts can all travel and reach places that on-road water carts cannot access. They can also carry huge amounts of water. With up to 50,000L of water capacity, off-road water carts are assured to give all the needed resources for certain off-road applications and projects.

When considering between on-road and off-road water carts, one must identify first the size of the project, its location, the amount of water needed, and the access requirement for the project site. Failure to determine these elements can cause unexpected issues and expenses that would just slow down the project. To help you choose the best water carts for your project, feel free to consult with us at WACME.



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