Most Common Spray Equipment Issues and How to Avoid Them

07 April 2022

Spray equipment is very useful in applying different materials. Hence, it is very important to keep mindful of your spray equipment. Whenever you suspect an issue in your spray equipment, it is highly recommended that you inspect it immediately to avoid more serious issues to occur. In this way also, you will be able to find an immediate remedy and extend its life. If don’t have any slight idea of any spray equipment issues, in this blog we will look at the most common spray equipment issues and how to avoid them to improve their efficiency and longevity.

Rusting or Corrosion

One of the most common spray equipment issues is rusting or corrosion. A chemical reaction inside the spray equipment can cause corrosion and abrasion to your spray equipment as various chemicals are composed of corrosion inhibitors. Rusting and corrosion can trigger the spray equipment to lose functionality. When you detect a speck of rust in your spray equipment, it is best to apply rust prevention products to prevent more rust to build up inside your tank equipment. Another way to avoid rust or corrosion is to store your spray equipment properly. Proper storage keeps your spray equipment away from moisture and other rust-causing elements.

Heat Damage

Some liquids have chemical components that require higher temperatures when sprayed. This can greatly cause heat damage to some parts of your spray equipment which could be non-high temperature resistant. To avoid this, you can adjust the air pressure of your spray equipment. You need to know that continually spraying at high pressure causes heat damage and thus, reduces equipment life, so, never force a higher pressure to achieve higher temperature when your spray equipment is not created to withstand higher temperature.


Bearding is also one of the most common spray equipment issues. Bearding is caused by liquid evaporation which causes the build-up of material in the internal portion or outer part of the nozzle. This buildup can result in blockage and reduces nozzle performance. Spray equipment failure due to bearding is inevitable, but instead of waiting for that to happen, it is wise to perform preventive maintenance. Spray nozzles are typically small which if clogged or blocked, can result in a disturbed or distorted spray. Thus, to avoid this, comprehensive nozzle cleaning and maintenance are highly recommended to ensure consistent optimal spray nozzle performance. Comprehensive nozzle cleaning is crucial to avoid nozzle caking or bearding.

Accidental Damage

Another common spray equipment issue is accidental damage. By doing regular inspection and maintenance, you can avoid accidental damage from occurring to your spray equipment. Using improper cleaning tools and mishandling your spray equipment can cause accidental damage to your spray equipment which can lead to a more serious issue if not fixed immediately. Therefore, proper handling and storage are key in maintaining the good working condition of your spray equipment. Regular inspection and maintenance are also essential to mitigate impending damage as well as avoid potential accidental damage to occur to your spray equipment.

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