Main Purposes and Applications of Water Trucks

14 September 2020

A lot of people would think that water is already accessible through underground pipes and conduits. However, some places and establishments would need access to a big volume of water for their specific applications. And if they will be retrieving water from underground pipes, then ordinary households and commercial establishments might not get enough water for their daily activities.

Therefore, some properties hire water trucks to fulfill their water needs. Water trucks are special since they do not carry a solid heavy load. Instead, they transport up to 50,000L of water in a single drive, depending on the volume capacity of the installed tank. These trucks also have special types of subframe and chassis so they can hold the water weight and, at the same time, withstand operational damages. Moreover, they can have custom parts and components that will help them serve their intended purpose.

As mentioned, water trucks can serve different purposes and applications. These trucks can be used for:

Fire Prevention

One of the most prominent purposes of water trucks is to prevent fire. Places that have difficult access to fire hydrants can maximise water trucks as their substitute in putting out fires. These trucks can also supply the needed water to fire trucks if ever the fire hydrants have issues or problems in tapping their source of water. Water trucks can surely be utilised proactively and reactively in firefighting, ensuring that the needed water supply is sufficient in case of fire incidents and emergencies.

Dust Control

Both construction and mining industries can maximise the presence of water trucks on their respective sites. These trucks can be utilised in spraying a site that is filled with dust and other minuscule debris. Getting rid of these elements helps people avoid the possibility of getting sick or obtaining allergic reactions. Removing dust and other debris with water trucks can also make the environment safe and free from dust-related pollution.

Soil Compaction

Aside from clearing dust, the construction industry also uses water trucks in compacting the soil. Construction sites usually require their site to have a flat, even ground. The presence of this ground type allows contractors to easily build buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructures without compromising safety. With water trucks, the right amount of water that they produce can help in acquiring great and strong soil compaction.

Potable Water

Some food processing plants and facilities would require access to a high volume of potable water. And instead of processing and filtering the water themselves, they might just hire water trucks that will deliver them their needed potable water. Food grade applications can benefit to the capabilities of water trucks. The agricultural industry can likewise benefit from water trucks since they can provide the needed water for farmlands, especially for crops and livestock.

Water trucks certainly possess different purposes that cater to a wide variety of industries. These trucks can generally provide the needed source of water to applications that would need it.

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