Key Uses of Water Truck Spray Units and How to Maintain Them

08 March 2022

Water is an essential element to various industrial applications. The agriculture industry, for instance, needs water to carry out proper irrigation of crops. The construction industry, alternatively, uses water to suppress dust and prepare landscaping features.

There are various ways of applying water to project sites. But one way of applying the needed water or other fluids to these places is through water trucks.

Water trucks are vehicles that are comprised of a tank, a spray unit, and a pump. They likewise maximise a wide array of sensors, valves, couplers, vents, and other accessories that make them useful to many industrial applications. One part that must be picked carefully is the spray unit.

Main Uses of Water Truck Spray UnitsĀ 

Spray units are water truck accessories that can spray a liquid to a specific site or area. These truck accessories have nozzles that can effectively regulate the volume and pressure of the water.

The function of water truck spray units makes them great for different applications.

One of these applications is dust suppression. The spray units can spray evenly on a large area so that roads, construction sites, and other places do not generate large dust clouds. Another great application of water truck spray units is street cleaning. Public roads and paved surfaces are expected to be filled with sand, dirt, and other debris quickly. Through water truck spray units, they can eradicate them conveniently. One more great use of water truck spray units is putting out fires. The concentrated release of water from spray units can be effective in extinguishing the source of a fire.

Water Truck Spray Units Maintenance

High-quality spray units can be purchased from reputable suppliers. However, users must still maintain them to ensure that they remain functional throughout their service life.

Upon the installation of the spray units, users should inspect them visually. From the hoses to the filters and even the water tank itself, they must inspect these components to ensure that all their components and parts are connected and installed appropriately. If there are any cuts or slits on the hoses, then they must be replaced right away. Filters and tanks that are bombarded with dust and other types of debris must likewise be cleaned appropriately.

Now, after using the spray units in spraying water to specific project sites, a thorough inspection and maintenance should be done again. The tank where the spray units are connected must be checked and subsequently cleaned to remove any accumulated dirty elements. The pumps, hoses, and nozzles must then be flushed out with clean water to remove any chemicals and dirty elements.

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