Important Things to Consider when Buying Water Trucks

07 December 2020

Water trucks are specialised vehicles that have been maximised by different industries for a long time now due to their versatility and flexibility. Their tanks, pumps, and controlled spray nozzles allow them to transport and distribute a huge volume of water or any other liquid from one area to another, which can be very useful on projects revolving construction, mining, fire control, and farming.

All these features of water trunks can easily entice project managers, especially those who truly need water or liquid for their respective projects. And so, if you are one of those people, then here are some important things to consider when buying or even hiring water trucks.


Perhaps, the most important thing to consider when buying water trucks for your project is their intended usage. As mentioned, water trucks can be utilised in various projects. They can be used for putting out a fire, cleaning off dust, providing potable water supply, and many others. And since most of these applications utilise varying requirements, your water trucks should be able to cater to the elements of the said applications. From the quality of the liquid that will be used to the control system within the trucks, all necessary elements and factors of water trucks must match their intended usage and purpose.


Somehow related to the intended usage, considering the enhancements that will go alongside your water trucks can easily help you fulfil and complete projects without experiencing any slowdowns or even mishaps. With the right set of enhancements and equipment, your water trucks can easily finish projects on time. Buying water trucks is considered to be an investment, which is why you must choose the right enhancements, technology, and mileage features that you truly need along the way.


Believe it or not, the design of water trucks is often overlooked by project managers and business owners. Disregarding the importance of the right design, size, and other similar factors will not only affect the overall quality of the project, but it can also waste a lot of time, money, and other resources. The design of the water trucks, which is mostly comprised of their physical attributes, can significantly affect the way water or liquid is loaded as well as their stability and performance on site. For instance, a water truck with a rounded water tank tends to be more unstable than the others.


For your water trucks to perform efficiently in the long run, they must be assessed and maintained regularly. Water truck maintenance is normally conducted by checking any build-up of debris at the bottom of the tank, performing a series of test on pumps and spray nozzles and other necessary activities that would assess the condition of your water trucks. All these works can be costly. However, it is still cheaper than waiting for your water trucks to get damaged fully and have them repaired.

When considering these things, you are guaranteed to obtain water trucks that are fully optimised to your intended applications as well as long-term uses and maintenance. To have your own water trucks, feel free to contact us at WACME Pty Ltd.


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