Importance of Water Tank Trailers in the Industrial Sector

21 November 2022

Water tank trailers are crucial equipment that you can use in many industries. Water tank trailers can lessen maintenance stress for agriculture, construction, mining, municipalities, or other industries. Here are some fundamental factors to take into account when choosing the right water tank trailer for your industry:

Size and Water Capacity

It’s crucial to account for the trailer capacity when determining your needs for water storage to ensure that your trailer can contain the appropriate volume of water. While the size of some water trailers ranges from 1200L to 2,500L, the capacity of other larger water shuttles can be substantially higher at 22,000L.

Weather Resistance

Material selection is crucial in determining durability. Because of this, WACME Pty Ltd prefers polythene for our WET1™ water tank trailers. It is made of a lightweight material that is robust enough to withstand all industry standards. The tank design has also been strengthened to enhance stability and reduce excessive sloshing.

Stability Reinforcement

Strong tow hitches, appropriate brakes to match fully laden weight, a ball baffle system, and heavy-duty jockey wheels are features that boost stability. Robust tow hitches provide added stability by permitting safer navigation on steep inclines, safer turning angles, swivel retraction, and maximum ground clearance. Chassis with one or two axles can also further improve stability.

How Different Industries Benefit from Water Tank Trailers

Water tank trailers make it simple and efficient to transport and distribute water across various industries. You can use it for a range of tasks, some of the more well-known ones being the management of dust on construction sites, the dust created by concrete cutting, firefighting and fire suppression, cleaning and spraying of construction equipment, and control of dust created by demolition.

Water tank trailers continuously offer great solutions in the agriculture industry. It can be used for irrigation, allowing for uniform water, fertilisers, and pesticides for vineyards, orchards, and areas that need upkeep. Water tank trailers are useful for transporting water to cattle in outlying areas or storing water in places with occasional rainfall. Of course, you can also use them to battle fires and control dust.

A water tank trailer may readily meet the needs of those working in the construction industry. It can help with your project demands, whether you need to compact the soil to lay the foundations for infrastructure or maintain unsealed roads adequately. The stringent regulations governing dust suppression and job sites are crucial things to take into account when working on construction projects. Spraying water onto surfaces is one way to prevent dust from being released while also catching dust that has already entered the air, which lowers the risk of developing diseases associated with exposure to dust. Like other industries, mining requires dust suppression, and the industry places a premium on on-site and equipment compliance; for this reason, we offer a selection of mining specs on all of our water trailers.

For use in mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors, WACME Pty Ltd manufactures a variety of water pumps, water tank trailers, and other water-related products. Our water pump and tank system experts have extensive experience in the pumping industry. We can create, manufacture, and deliver a wide selection of the most dependable water pumping solutions to serve and satisfy the needs of all of our clients across Australia. Contact us today. We offer a diverse range of water pumping solutions for your needs.

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