How to Pick the Best Water Truck for Your Project?

30 September 2021

Water is essential to everyday lives. From health reasons to cleaning purposes, this specific resource can be truly useful to different project sites.

While the supply of water can be abundant to a lot of properties, several projects on select sites may still have to obtain an additional source of water for their operations to continue. Some operations that may need enough water supply are dust suppression, fire control, irrigation, supply of potable water, and soil compaction. One way to ensure that these operations can continue is to acquire a water truck.

A water truck features a tank, spray units, and other essential elements that allow it to store, transport, and produce water to a specific site. When picking the best water truck for your project, here are some factors that you need to consider.

Condition of the Site

One of the most important factors that you should consider in choosing the best water truck for your project is the condition of the site. Some project sites tend to have accessible routes and stable ground conditions, while others can be difficult to access and have patchy terrain. Project sites likewise differ in terms of their overall area as well as weather conditions.

If your project site has too many people but has limited road width, then opting for a smaller yet capable water truck is the best thing to do. If your project site, on the other hand, is far from an abundant water supply and is on the pavement, then you may go for a big-volume water truck.

Type of Water Truck

Somehow related to the first factor, another factor that you should consider in choosing your water cart is its type. A lot of water trucks are available in the market today. And to ensure that most project sites can acquire their needed water supply, these water trucks come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and other specifications. To date, there are four types of water trucks that you can choose from. These types are off-road water trucks, on-road water trucks, semi water tankers, and skid-in water trucks.

Off-road water trucks are great for different types of terrains, while on-road water trucks can only be used on access roads. Semi water tankers, alternatively, are water tanks that are hauled on a trailer through a road or 4WD vehicle. Skid-in water trucks, ultimately, have tanks that are connectedto the flatbed truck.

Availability of Budget

The last factor that you must consider is your available budget. The budget allocated for your water truck would most likely depend on you. Once you have considered the location and needs of your project site, you must assess whether you need water trucks with specific features or you can already work with a standard water truck. Just ensure that you pick a water truck that has a dependable chassis and tank.

If you need help in choosing your water tank, feel free to call us at WACME.

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