How to Choose the Best Hose Reels for Your Water Truck Services

27 January 2022

The versatility of water trucks allows them to be utilised in a lot of applications. For one, these trucks are maximised in construction sites to suppress dust particles. They are likewise used in agricultural sites to provide irrigation. They are even used to extinguish a fire, supply potable water, and so on.

But before water trucks can be effective in the previously stated applications, they must be equipped first with appropriate fittings and accessories. One of the accessories that they should possess is a hose reel. A hose reel is an accessory that can provide access to a regulated water supply. At the same time, this specific accessory can protect a hose from damages that it may acquire throughout its service life.

When choosing the best hose reels for your water trucks, here are some things that you must consider.

Working Conditions

One of the things that you need to consider when choosing the best hose reels for your water trucks is your working condition. All the elements present on your intended project site should be assessed thoroughly so that you can pick the most suitable hose reels for your water trucks. Elements such as ambient temperature, sun exposure, and all other weather-related factors must be checked so you can purchase hose reels that can resist them effectively.

Water Pressure

Aside from the working conditions of your site, you must also consider the water pressure that your water trucks release. By checking the specifications of your trucks’ pumps, you can easily pinpoint the amount of water pressure they intend to release during their applications. For the best results, you must opt for hose reels that can match or exceed the maximum psi of your pumps so the former can effectively dispense water from the trucks to the spray nozzles.

Weight Capacity

Similar to water pressure, you must also obtain the weight capacity of all the things attached to your water trucks to effectively choose the best hose reels. The weight of the hoses, spray nozzles, and other accessories that are affiliated with the water release functions must be attained so you can pick hose reels that can support it. Getting hose reels that have an equal or greater weight capacity than the combined water truck accessories can easily make your water trucks efficient and safe.

Pattern and Design

Two more things that you must consider in picking the best hose reels for your water trucks are pattern and design. Hose reels may come in either single-pattern or multi-pattern units. Multi-pattern hose reels can easily dispense water from the same water truck setups, while single-pattern units cannot. Opting for the former can be great for your water trucks if you want to carry out different tasks. Aside from their pattern, you must choose hose reels with an efficient design so they do not get tangled during use.

If you need to purchase hose reels for your water trucks, you can call us at WACME.

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