From Tanks to Trucks: The Difference Between Fire Trucks and Water Tankers

15 December 2022

You should keep in mind that fire engines and fire trucks are all members of the same family of vehicles, all of which were built with the sole intention of transporting water, and you should keep this in mind each time you see a fire engine or fire trucks racing by you on the streets. The fact that they are transporting water for quite different purposes is when their disparities become apparent.

Fire Truck Outfitting

To ensure that the truck is up to the challenge of the job for which it was designed, the truck’s maker will outfit the vehicle with a wide variety of features, each of which is designed to ensure that the truck is optimally matched to the requirements of the job for which it was created.

Well-Suited for Functionality

Fire trucks, for instance, are well-suited for fighting fires in urban environments like buildings and streets. They are equipped with a sizable cabin capable of transporting a team of firefighters to the location of the blaze, along with all of the firefighting equipment that the crew will require at the scene of the blaze. In addition, the truck is equipped with all the mechanical components required to extend its ladders to vast heights. It might not seem like much individually, but when you add up the cost of each of these components, you get an extremely pricey fire vehicle. Because of this, the local fire service relies on charitable donations to cover its costs.

How Water Tanker Works

Each of the water-carrying vehicles is amazing in its own right and was designed for significant endeavours that would be impossible to complete without them. Every fire tanker truck has a water pump in the interior, which serves as the vehicle’s beating heart. The ability of the fire tanker truck to battle flames and draw water from various sources is made possible by this feature. The water pump blades are spun very quickly by the motor that makes the pump run. When the valve is opened, the water is allowed to flow freely and strikes the blades, which causes it to be pushed in the other direction. A set of lever controls this also used to manipulate the hoses, and firefighters utilise it. Additionally, this screen notifies the firefighters when the tank is virtually out of supply. By doing so, they can precisely identify when or if they require additional water or when they should contact backup.

Water Tankers for Large-Scale Uses

Tankers dedicated to fighting fires are dispatched if there is a risk of a large-scale outdoor blaze, such as the kind that can occur in a forest. These do not pump the water into the fires but only carry it to where the fire occurs. When they arrive at the fire scene, the fire tankers are hooked up to the fire trucks to provide the firefighting vehicles with the necessary water to put out the fires.

Where Mostly Found

Most of the time, water trucks may be discovered near mines or quarries, both places that generate a significant amount of dust into the atmosphere. The water trucks, equipped with specially designed nozzles and sprinklers, spray water onto the ground to catch dust and retain it there, which improves the miners’ visibility.

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