Fire Manual Hose Reels Available For Sale Online at WACME Products

18 May 2023

Fire safety is critical to any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Having the right equipment can mean the difference between containment and devastation in a fire. Manual hose reels are indispensable firefighting tools that provide immediate access to water for fire suppression. Fire manual hose reels are designed to withstand high temperatures and comply with fire safety regulations. In this article, we will explore the importance of fire manual hose reels, their benefits, considerations for selection, installation and maintenance tips, andhow you can avail them from WACME Products.

Importance of Fire Safety

Fire safety is crucial for protecting lives and property. Effective fire prevention measures and reliable firefighting equipment are essential in mitigating fire risks and minimising potential damage.

What are Fire Manual Hose Reels?

Fire manual hose reels are robust, durable storage and deployment systems that withstand harsh conditions. These hose reels are constructed using high-quality materials and can maintain structural integrity. They are typically installed in strategic locations within buildings or attached to water trucks providing quick access to firefighting hoses in a fire emergency.

Benefits and Applications

Enhanced Fire Protection

Fire manual hose reels offer enhanced fire protection by enabling prompt response to fire incidents. They provide a reliable and controlled water supply that can be directed towards the source of the fire, aiding in its suppression and preventing its spread. These hose reels’ durability and fire resistance ensure their functionality even in the harshest fire conditions.

Versatile Applications

Fire manual hose reels find applications in various settings, including commercial buildings, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, and residential properties. They are an integral part of fire safety systems and are often installed in corridors, near exits, and areas prone to fire hazards. These hose reels can be used by trained personnel or firefighters to combat fires before they escalate quickly.

Choosing the Right Fire Manual Hose Reel

Considerations for Selection

When selecting a fire manual hose reel, several factors should be considered. These include the size of the area to be protected, the length and diameter of the hose, the available water supply, and any specific regulatory requirements. Choosing a manual hose reel that meets the specific fire safety standards and regulations applicable to the location is essential.

Features and Specifications

Fire manual hose reels come with various features and specifications,contributing to their effectiveness and ease of use. These may include a sturdy construction using fire-resistant materials, a reliable hose guide for smooth deployment and retraction, a durable hose with high-pressure capabilities, and a locking mechanism to secure the hose in place when not in use. Some hose reels may also be equipped with additional accessories like nozzles or spray heads for efficient fire suppression.

Installation Guide

Installing fire manual hose reels is crucial to ensure optimal performance during fire emergencies. It is recommended to consult fire safety professionals or follow the guidelines provided by manufacturers for correct placement and mounting. The hose reel should be easily accessible, clearly marked, and located in areas with potential fire hazards.

Where to Buy Fire Manual Hose Reels Online

Here at WACME, we offer manual hose reels with a fire hose diameter of 25mt x 25 mm (1″), with a hot dipped galvanised base & powder coated disc sides, and may come with a bare reel or with a hose, fog/jet nozzle.

We also offer stainless steel manual rewind hose reels and custom-built Australian-made hose reelswith any size sides and length/diameter hose and width with manual, spring return or electric rewinding capacity.


Fire manual hose reels are crucial components of fire safety systems, providing quick access to water for fire suppression in emergencies. Their ability to withstand harsh conditions and comply with fire safety regulations make them essential for protecting lives and property.

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