Ensure Your Water Pump Efficiency Through Quality Wet1™ Products

13 April 2021

One device that is often used in mining, construction, and agriculture applications is the water pump. A water pump system is designed to move and transfer water from one area to another. For the mining industry, the water pump is utilised in dewatering deep wells and waterworks. The construction industry, on the other hand, maximises water pumps to remove water during excavation. Ultimately, the agriculture industry uses water pumps to effectively provide water to the fields and crops.

Given the importance of water pumps to several industries, they must work effectively and properly. Using water pumps with great efficiency, after all, can benefit businesses and yield high-quality results.

Choosing the Most Suitable Water Pump Systems

There are different types of water pumps that can be used for certain applications. Some of these types are centrifugal water pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Centrifugal pumps are pumps that only utilise few moving parts. They often allow the flow of water to move steadily and consistently. Therefore, if your application intends to send water to various operations and processes, then you must opt for centrifugal pumps. You can also go for this type of pump if you want to get rid of excess water from your project site or pump water supplies to specific facilities. One thing to consider, though, is that this type of pump needs recirculating liquid to avoid system issues.

Positive displacement pumps, on the other hand, are designed to move water while they increase the pressure around their discharge side. What is great about these pumps is that they can remove any air that can be found inside their lines. One prominent downside of these pumps, however, is their lack of space between the rotating pump and the edge of the system. Applications that only require low water flow can utilise these pumps. High-pressure applications can also benefit from these pumps.

Efficient and Reliable Water Pumps from Wet1™

If you want to obtain high-quality and reliable water pumps for your applications, then you may want to consider water pumps from Wet1™. The Australian-made Wet1™ 2000 Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps are suitable for applications for mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial sites. These pumps have close coupling to petrol and diesel engines. They likewise utilise stainless steel impeller shaft sleeve clamps over the engine to the shaft, allowing them to have an external connection to the engine. Other specifications of Wet1™ 2000 Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps include 3” 2000 LPM, cast iron housing, 6-vane semi-open cast iron impeller, 316SS shaft sleeve, 6mm wear plate, stainless steel fasteners, single carbon/ceramic/Viton seal, and impeller sizes that can suit 9.5HP to 30HP motors.

Another water pump from Wet1™ is the Wet1™ 1300. This specific pump has a design that also permits close coupling to different types of petrol and diesel engines just like the 2000 Hydraulic Drive Water Pumps. These water pumps likewise have a stainless steel shaft sleeve so that the engine crankshaft can be protected from damages.

To obtain Wet1™ water pumps, feel free to contact us at WACME. Our team of water pump and tank systems specialists can formulate, custom-design, and manufacture a diverse range of the most reliable water pumping solutions to supply and meet all of our clients’ needs Australia wide.

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