Ensure Proper Dust Control on Your Project Site with Water Carts

07 January 2022

To ensure that constructions projects can be done optimally, contractors would often deploy a lot of their employees just to conduct different activities. Once their site activities are done, they would expect great output that can satisfy their respective clients.

But before projects can be done perfectly, most of the project sites would be filled first with dust and other airborne elements. Without conducting proper dust control, employees would certainly have some difficulties in fulfilling their duties. It may even put some risks and hazards to the people on site as airborne dust can effectively affect the visibility of the surrounding area as well as their health.

Main Sources of Dust on Project Sites

Airborne dust particles have very minuscule particle sizes. To date, there are three main types of dust in construction sites. These types are silica dust, wood dust, and lower toxicity dust. Silica dust is generated whenever materials that contain silica like concrete, sandstone, and mortar are processed and maximised. Wood dust, alternatively, is a type of dust that is being released whenever softwood, hardwood, and wood-based products are used. Ultimately, lower toxicity dust can be generated whenever contractors process gypsum, limestone, dolomite, and marble.

Apart from these types of dust, construction sites can also obtain dust particles from various dust generation points. These points include unsealed dirt roads, stockpiles of fine materials, and bare earth that may have been pushed around by dozers, excavators, and other equipment pieces.

Prominent Dangers of Dust Exposure

Now, as workers and other personnel work on construction sites, leaving them exposed to a huge amount of dust particles for a very long time can gradually affect their overall health. Breathing in dust, after all, can easily damage their respiratory system. Some severe diseases that may develop due to a long time of dust exposure are lung cancer, silicosis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

One factor that makes these diseases prevalent in construction sites is the amount of dust they would typically generate. Compared to the dust particles present on home properties and buildings, constructions sites would easily generate high amounts of dust in just a few days of work.

Maximise Water Carts to Control Dust

To ensure proper dust control, contractors should invest in quality water carts. Water carts, which are intended to store and move water from one place to another, are typically maximised to control dust on construction sites. Contractors, however, should not rely purely on pure water in removing dust since it would only generate high water costs and increased operating and labour costs.

When maximising water carts to control dust, contractors are recommended to add and dilute special additives to the water. Through special additives, they can easily bind fine particles together and generate a crust. The crust can then prevent dust particles from spreading in the air.

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