Customised Road and Off-Road Water Carts for Mining Industries: Contact WACME Pty Ltd

27 March 2020

Customised road and off-road water carts or trucks play an integral role in the operations of mining industries. They are helpful for dust suppression along with other uses. These trucks come in a wide range of styles with some having customised chassis designs, specialised pumping equipment and unique tank specifications along with the necessary mounting systems attached.

The Versatility of Water Trucks in the Mining Industry

Numerous sizes and designs are available for these water carts in order to fulfil the needs of a mining company effectively since they can haul up to 34,000 litres of water at a time. Also, they can be equipped with off-road tyres to travel over any type of terrain and safety equipment to protect the workers. In addition, you can choose from different levels of filling and spraying options in order to receive the right truck for your specific purposes. An example of this is that your cart can have filler pipes attached in the tank on the near side and to extend out of the tank’s opening. Spray nozzles can be located on the side, rear or front of the truck with the controls situated in the truck’s cab to allow the driver to adjust them easily. Other options include:

• Hot Dip Galvanised Pipe Work for Pumping
• Overhead Fill Funnels
• Hydrant Fill Points
• WET1 Stainless Steel Reels for Hoses
• Light Bumpers or Bars With LED Lights
• Rear Gravity Fill
• Front Spray Kit
• Hand Rails
• Side Batter Sprays
• WET1 RM65E Water Canon
• Rear Pressure Bars

Applications for Customised Road and Off-Road Water Carts in Australia

Regardless of your location in Australia, your customised off-road or road water cart can be useful in numerous applications, such as the following:

• Suppression of dust is one of the main uses of these water carts or trucks all throughout Australia. Of course, the outback contains the driest and dustiest areas of the country. Since these carts can travel most places with the right equipment, they are highly effective at wetting down the dust to keep it from blowing up into the air where it can cause numerous issues.

• Mineral processing is another use for water that these trucks can assist with depending upon your setup.

• When necessary, you can use the water trucks to help with slurry transport but this is only an occasional use for these trucks rather than a common one.

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