Significance of WET1 Water Tankers in Fire Prevention

12 May 2020

Since several parts of Australia are deemed to be fire-prone areas, Federal, State and local governments and local Rural Fire Authorities have mandated the inclusion of fire-fighting water tanks in rural and semi-rural areas, according to the fire risk profile of each area. Mains water may not be available, as in rural areas, or even if available, may fail due to fire damage. That is why WET1 water tankers are […]

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Tank and Pump Wear Parts: Available Online at Wacme Pty. Ltd.

29 April 2020

Tanks and pump parts are essential in the construction industry for a variety of reasons. For one they are responsible for preventing a short cycling pump. As air charge in the tank delivers water pressure out of the tank and into the building to avoid water pump rapid on-off cycling or “short cycling” that is annoying and that ultimately damages the equipment. Aside from that, they also prevent water shortage.  […]

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Spray Units and Spray Valves: Significant Uses for Disinfection

14 April 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect every industry in the world, disinfection becomes a matter of grave importance. Each establishment whether residential, commercial and industrial must uphold a virus-free environment in order to be a safe space for its occupants. Disinfection methods have become rampant and essential. Among these methods is the use of spray units and spray valves. Below are the significant uses of spray units and spray […]

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Customised Road and Off-Road Water Carts for Mining Industries: Contact WACME Pty Ltd

27 March 2020

Customised road and off-road water carts or trucks play an integral role in the operations of mining industries. They are helpful for dust suppression along with other uses. These trucks come in a wide range of styles with some having customised chassis designs, specialised pumping equipment and unique tank specifications along with the necessary mounting systems attached. The Versatility of Water Trucks in the Mining Industry Numerous sizes and designs […]

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Water Tankers for Dust Control in Job Sites

13 March 2020

Dust is a problem on many work or job sites since it can leave a residue on surfaces and negatively affect air quality. The contents of dust include such elements as pollen, dirt, ash, salts, mould spores, pesticides bacteria, heavy metals and or other contaminants. Particles of it can be small enough to be inhaled into the lungs where it can cause respiratory issues in the workers or people in […]

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