A Variety of Water Tank Trailer Setups to Meet Your Requirements

27 March 2023

Water trailers are available in various forms and sizes that may be customised to match your project and application. Our water trailers may be used for dust suppression, transporting potable water, dirt track maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, and various other tasks.

Water Trailers for Demolition or Construction Sites

Regarding dust control, having a consistent supply of dust suppression via a water trailer sprayer is critical. Our construction water trailers are multi-purpose, compliant, and an inexpensive answer to any small to medium dust control project. In addition to dust suppression, construction trucks and machinery must be cleaned before leaving a construction site. This is vital in keeping your building site in compliance with construction rules. You may ensure that your workplace complies by using a water tank trailer for machine washdowns. Depending on the scale of your worksite tasks, we provide capacity options ranging from 500 gallons to 1,600 gallons in a water tank trailer to keep the dust at the building and the demolition site damp.

Water Trailers for Irrigation and Landscaping

Water tank trailers and their numerous functions and applications assist homeowners associations considerably. Maintaining properties with landscaping and irrigation necessitates the availability of dependable water transportation. Our water tank trailers offer portable irrigation, allowing you to transport water, insecticides, and fertiliser to the spot where they are needed. To maintain the multiple homes that may come under one homeowner’s association, use the trailer’s spray bar for blanket application or the hose and nozzle (supplied) for targeted spraying.

You want a dependable source of water storage and application when it comes to irrigation and landscaping. Our landscape water tank can range from 500 to 1,600 gallons. This water tank trailer offers landscapers a portable irrigation system as well as a dependable supply of water storage for plant watering.

Water Trailers for Sports Field Maintenance and Dirt Track Maintenance

An irrigation trailer for groves and vineyards will ensure a consistent watering source. Orchards, groves, grapevines, and other landscape plants must be properly maintained and watered. You may disburse water or save it for future irrigation using spray bars and hoses. Water tank trailers can also spray pesticides, herbicides, or fertiliser solutions.

Equestrian and cattle arenas require dependable water conveyance for dirt track maintenance to maintain the track’s moisture content. A dirt track sprayer trailer can provide a consistent stream of water to keep your dirt track safe. Dirt track safety is critical for equestrian arenas and equestrian racing.

They are often sprayed with water to keep sports fields in good operating order. Keeping a water trailer for irrigation and spraying on sports fields with a lot of grass can help you manage the watering of these fields without utilising in-ground irrigation systems, which frequently break. Water trailers for sports fields can also control dust on sports grounds with exposed dirt.

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