A Brief Comparison between On-Road and Off-Road Water Carts

25 October 2021

Water carts are usually maximised by many industries thanks to their associated versatility. Their versatility is firmly supported by the fact that they can boast varying storage capacity. They can even be combined with different types of pumps, hoses, and other related tools and attachments.

And with the right combination of carts and accessories, they can effectively be utilised in performing different actions. Some of these actions include dust suppression, distribution of potable water, fire prevention, soil compaction, and irrigation. Notable industries or sectors that maximise the said water carts are construction, agricultural, and mining.

While all water carts can perform these functions, not all of them can work on all types of terrains. Some can work and tackle all terrain types, while others can only be utilised on access roads. Two types of water carts that you must know are on-road and off-road water carts.

On-Road Water Carts

On-road water carts are water carts that can only traverse on paved or access roads. They do not have additional modifications that allow them to access rough and bumpy terrains. The only things that they often possess are the water tank and the road truck. Most water tanks that are used for these carts have a square shape, making them suitable for the tray found on most road trucks. The road trucks, alternatively, maximise road tires so they can effectively travel on asphalt roads.

A wide array of on-road water carts has water tanks that can hold between 1,000L and 20,000L of water or any other products. Most of these water carts are utilised in mid to large scale civil and construction projects, as long as they are accessible by stable asphalt roads.

Off-Road Water Carts

Off-road water carts, alternatively, are water carts that can travel into different types of terrains. No matter how smooth or bumpy the terrains are, off-road water carts can easily traverse them thanks to their off-road tires and much more stable water tanks and water trucks.

Tons of benefits are waiting for projects that use off-road water carts. For one, these carts can reach locations that have difficult accessibility. They can even travel towards places that are full of mud, rocks, and other obstacles thanks to their off-road tires and enhanced suspension performance. Another benefit of off-road water carts is that they can carry a larger volume of water content compared to the on-road ones. Off-road water carts can transport up to 50,000L of water, making them more cost-efficient.

The Best Cart for You

When choosing the best water carts for your project, you must consider four main factors. These factors are the overall project size, required water volume, project location, and site accessibility. On-road water carts are great for construction projects that can be accessible by asphalt roads. Off-road water carts, alternatively, are great for mining and agricultural sites as they require a huge volume of water. These sites can also maximise off-road water carts since they can be difficult to access.

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