6 Common Benefits of Using a Water Tank Lining

24 October 2022

Managing a water treatment and storage facility involves many difficulties. The most common storage tanks’ worst enemies are corrosion, pollution, and water leakage. To ensure the water quality isn’t harmed, you must regularly inspect your vessels.

Installing water treatment tank linings that keep the surfaces of the troughs from coming into contact with the stored water would be a workable alternative. Different types of liner products, including epoxy, cementitious liners, and zinc liners, are employed. Despite their differences, they all share the same advantages.  Here are a few of the typical advantages of using water tank lining.

Easy Installations

The installation of water storage tank liners is not too difficult. Over the tank, materials like epoxy and polyurethane are painted and given time to dry and cure. The quick installation procedure reduces interference with your water system. Relining your storage tanks is also more convenient and cost-effective than building new tanks from scratch.

Corrosion Resistance

Chemically inert materials are used to create tank liners, which act as a barrier between water storage tanks and the water they contain. The surface of the water treatment tanks is exposed to a wide range of harmful elements, including UV radiation, acids, and salts. The chemical liner offers a strong barrier that prevents the corroding of the concrete and metal components.

Prevent Water Contamination

Your water tanks’ corrosion raises the possibility of contamination. The wall linings’ cracks and spalls also offer a home for the development of bacterial colonies. Waterborne diseases, including legionella, biofilm, and pseudomonas can cause havoc within your water tanks. Install a water treatment tank lining over your storage vessel to keep your water safe.


Tank linings greatly increase the useful life of your tanks. Tanks used for water treatment are exposed to harsh weather, which ultimately compromises the structural integrity of the tanks. Wet-dry cycling, freeze-thaw cycling, and chemical corrosion are all continuously applied to the vessels. Your storage vessels may receive fresh life from tank liners for water systems. Tanks that have been relined can last 15 more years with the right maintenance practices.


Installing a water tank liner is less expensive than having the water tank replaced. Linings enable you to reduce building expenses by extending the life of the existing structures. Industrial tank liners are also simple to keep clean and maintain. The containment materials for your water storage facility are a superior substitute for constructing a double-walled concrete shell.


Materials used for containment are frequently flexible, making tank relining simpler. The custom tank liners adopt the storage vessels’ shape. The containment materials can adapt to any structural movement thanks to the specific fit, which prevents leaks even when ground movements occur. Additionally, you can install specialised monitors for leak monitoring that can detect water leaks at any time.

A water treatment tank lining will maintain the safety, cleanliness, and usability of your water and increase your water tank’s lifespan. WACME Pty Ltd is here to assist you with all your water tank needs. We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of a wide range of water pumps, water tank trailers, and other water-related products for mining, construction, agriculture, and industrial applications. Contact us for more enquiries.

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