4 Tips to Ensure Safe Operation of Your Water Truck

16 December 2021

Water trucks are essential tools that can help construction, agricultural, mining, and other industries carry out their vital operations. Some operations that they often conduct include dust control, fire control, potable water delivery, and soil compaction.

But before water trucks can deliver their intended purposes, they must be operated safely. Without ensuring the safe operation of water trucks, a wide array of safety hazards may occur while they are being loaded and transported. One common safety hazard that is associated with water trucks is fall injuries. Other safety hazards that may occur when operating the water trucks inappropriately are tripping injuries, mechanical failures, premature wear and tear, and slipping hazards.

If you will be utilising a water truck for your specific activity, then here are some tips that you can follow to ensure its safe operation.

  1. Conduct Necessary Checks before Use

One of the most important tips that can help ensure water truck safety is to conduct necessary checks before use. Even though your water truck is brand new, you must still allocate a significant amount of time just to assess and check the overall condition of its parts and components. You must make sure that its brakes can work optimally. It must also have sufficient air pressure to avoid sudden operational issues. All tanks, hoses, and pumping units must likewise be checked properly.

  1. Adjust the Speed of the Truck Properly

When transporting a fully-loaded water truck, its weight tends to get heavier. Hence, accelerating and decelerating it must be done properly. The speed of your water truck must be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the water inside the tank does not surge or spill over tremendously. Once the water surges, your water truck’s centre of gravity will be upset, which can somehow affect its overall balance and may lead to costly and hazardous road accidents.

  1. Prevent Oversaturation of the Ground

Another tip that you can do to ensure the safe operation of the water truck is to prevent oversaturating the surrounding ground area. Most slipping, tripping, and fall injuries occur whenever the surrounding area of the water truck is oversaturated with water and other types of liquids. To prevent oversaturation of the ground, you must ensure that the sprays are turned on individually. You can likewise ensure that the output intervals of the sprays are programmed accordingly.

  1. Perform Proper Cleaning and Disinfection

One more tip that you can do to make your water truck operation safe is to clean its components properly. Cleaning and disinfection can contribute to its safe operations since its contained elements will be distributed to the involved project sites. A water truck must have a tank that is free from rust and sediment. Its hoses, pumps, and storage equipment should likewise be disinfected with a water-chlorine solution for a certain amount of time before loading the tank again with the needed water or liquid.

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